Overview of Driive With Reflex

The launch of Driive with Reflex is the latest development in our unique approach to the corporate mobility market. Driive with Reflex offers live driver behaviour insight, with real-time intervention when it is safe to do so. This ensures that, when the driver is briefed, the incident is fresh in their mind and advice and guidance has a real impact on their future approach.

The service provides live monitoring of data from telematics and dashcams from the Reflex Flexi-Family of products. It is filtered through data analysis tools to deliver insight about driving performance, tackling important issues such as speeding or evidence of driver distraction, including late, heavy braking.

A key part of the Driive with Reflex service is the app, which can be used on employee smartphones. At an incident, it provides at-a-glance guidance to collecting information, including critical photographic evidence, but the app can also be used extensively every day to minimise the chances of incidents happening.

During daily use, the app can provide access to driver handbooks and vehicle information, while it also updates employees on their driving performance and it can be used as a guide for vehicle checks before setting off, which includes a driver declaration on being fit to drive through a ‘sign on glass’ procedure.

Following a collision, a carefully choreographed series of actions follows, from notifying insurers to collecting information from the accident scene, so that costs don’t escalate after the incident.


The Key Benefits of Driive With Reflex
Driver intervention when safe to do so Driver on Boarding Assessment & checks
Tackles Driver Speeding First Notification of Loss
Driver Licence Checks Major Incident Handling
In-Depth reports for Insurance Companies Driver declaration


Thinking of introducing Driive With Reflex to your fleet?

Please get in touch with the team by contacting sales@www.reflexvehiclehire.com or by telephoning our flexi-family specialists on 0345 609 2345.