Reflex can help you on the pathway to zero emissions

Reflex Vehicle Hire offer latest alternative fuel vehicles for a green fleet

Fuel choices are changing for UK fleets and Reflex Vehicle Hire is here to help you take the right road.

The traditional choices of petrol and diesel have now expanded to include a wide range of plug-in and low-emission technologies.

Most clean vehicles fall into one of the following categories:

  • BEV (battery electric vehicle): A vehicle powered purely by batteries, with no internal combustion engine. Its typical range is 150-300-plus miles depending on the model.

  • PHEV (plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle): A vehicle with an internal combustion engine and batteries. The power sources can move the vehicle independently or both work together. Electric-only range typically varies depending on the model, from around 25-50 miles.

  • HEV (hybrid electric vehicle): A vehicle with an internal combustion engine and a small battery. The power sources can move the vehicle independently or both work together. Sometimes called a ‘self-charging hybrid’, it can only travel short distances (1-10 miles) on battery power alone. The battery uses the engine, or energy generated from braking, to recharge and it can’t be plugged in.

  • MHEV (mild-hybrid electric vehicle): An internal combustion-engine car which uses a battery to assist the engine to reduce fuel use. It can’t be plugged in or travel on battery power alone.

As your flexible vehicle hire partner, Reflex Vehicle Hire has access to the full range of fuel choices in addition to standard petrol and diesel versions.

In recognition of the environmental concerns of fleets, we have already supported trials of electric commercial vehicles for several years, building up an extensive library of operational knowledge to help our customers.

We have also introduced hybrid vehicles to our fleet and our own company car fleet policy is now hybrid-only.

As a flexible vehicle hire provider, we play a critical role in helping fleets to develop their future fuel strategy for both commercial vehicles and cars.

Using our unique flexible rental offering, customers can test new vehicle technologies without committing to a long-term contract, which means they can accelerate their trials of alternative fuels and reach strategic decisions about implementation more quickly.

During client reviews, we always consider your requirements, including alternative fuels, and will continue to adapt our fleet to suit the changing needs of fleet operators as we help the industry to adapt to the government’s Road to Zero strategy.


Among vehicles currently offered by Reflex Vehicle Hire are:


Lexus IS300H HEV

Lexus CT200h HEV

Lexus UX HEV

Ford Mondeo HEV

Toyota CHR HEV

Toyota RAV4 HEV

Toyota Corolla HEV

Toyota Prius HEV

Mercedes C-Class HEV

Toyota Camry HEV

Toyota Prius PHEV

Skoda Superb PHEV

Volkswagen Passat PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Volkswagen e-Golf BEV

Nissan Leaf BEV

Renault ZOE BEV



Ford Transit Custom PHEV

Nissan ENV200 EV

Peugeot Partner EV

Renault Kangoo EV


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