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Commercial vehicles

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Amalga operates a flexible fleet of nine commercial vehicles with Reflex

Amalga required a flexible, cost effective fleet to support its airside and on-road operations working across major London airports. Reflex Vehicle Hire landed the contract with its blend of high service levels, competitive offers and new technology

Amalga was established in 2001 to offer a unique range of services in airport logistics, including mechanical and electrical, construction logistics, airport retail and media support services, and staff services.

It works across all major London airports, which serve millions of travellers every year in a time-sensitive and complex environment.

It works on a range of projects throughout their lifecycle and the business prides itself on its ability to deliver a professional service.

An essential element of this commitment is the vehicle fleet, which ensures services, goods and people arrive where and when they are needed.

Amalga makes the most of the flexible hire services provided by Reflex Vehicle Hire, by expanding or reducing its fleet depending on contract requirements.

However, it still requires bespoke adjustments to its vehicles, such as the 3.5 tonne van which required a larger, customised tail-lift and curtain siding; bespoke vehicles work alongside a range of standard small commercial vehicles and minibuses.

Amalga also provides vehicles to its clients as part of their logistics packages, which are sourced through Reflex Vehicle Hire.

James Walker, operations manager for Amalga, said:

With a previous supplier, we were not getting the service we needed. Reflex Vehicle Hire have been competitive on price and we are happy with their service.

When we had bespoke requirements, Reflex Vehicle Hire carried out all the liaising with suppliers.

To comply with operational requirements around the airport, the fleet makes use of telematics as part of the Driive with Reflex modular risk management service from Reflex Vehicle Hire to provide ‘Safety as Standard’.

Telematics is used for driver management and to provide evidence of vehicles being used airside when applying for renewals of certification that allows vehicles to be used around the airport.

Reflex Vehicle Hire’s flexible hire services prove invaluable in this process, as specific vehicles must be registered, but Amalga may need to delay a start date for hire if a client’s project plans change.

Flexibility is also important when off-hiring vehicles, as extensions may be required at short notice for several weeks or even months. Other vehicles may need to be off-hired immediately, which just requires a phone call.

James said:

The service is very good and our contact at Reflex Vehicle Hire is brilliant. There are times when we have talked about tendering, but we already have great service and competitive prices, so I am not keen to change.

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