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Our electric vehicle hub is your comprehensive fleet resource centre.

Are you considering transitioning your fleet to electric vehicles but not sure where to start? Our resources are designed to support fleets like yours in making the switch to electric.


Electric Vehicle FAQs

Explore our EV FAQs, where you'll find answers to common questions about electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, range, and more. Whether you're curious about charging times or vehicle performance, we've got you covered.

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Electric Vehicle MythBusters

Our EV MythBusters addresses common misconceptions and provides evidence-based explanations to help you separate fact from fiction. From concerns about costs to uncertainties about their environmental-friendliness, we debunk myths and provide you with the confidence to make informed decisions for the future of your fleet.

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Electric Vehicle Guide

Ready to dive deeper into the world of electric vehicles? Check out our comprehensive EV Guide, where you'll find everything you need to know about electric vehicle technology, benefits, and considerations for fleet adoption. From understanding different types of electric vehicles to evaluating charging options and grants available to you, our guide is your roadmap to successful fleet electrification.

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At Reflex, we're committed to supporting fleets in their transition to electric mobility. With our electric vehicle resources, you'll have the tools, knowledge, and support you need to embrace the future of transportation and drive your fleet towards sustainability. Explore our resources today and embark on your electric journey with confidence!

Are you still unsure how electric vehicles could work for your fleet? Do you want to see how they perform in real-life scenarios to assess their suitability for your business? Take part in the Reflex Renewable Drive Programme (link to blog), where drivers can get behind the wheel of new electric vehicles to gain essential exposure to a different driving experiences.

Speak to our team of fleet experts today to request a possible vehicle trial.


After more support?

Explore our Electric Insights section for a wealth of resources to support you on your electric journey. From informative articles on the latest trends in the electric landscape to practical road test reviews on the latest plug-in technology, we've got you covered.

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They are small enough to care, but big enough to cope. They are straightforward, decent people that are visible in the business and accessible when you need them.


The fact the vehicles have dash cams, with instant downloads of any incidents, has proven invaluable and has saved us thousands of pounds on bogus insurance claims.


Over a decade of working together, Reflex Vehicle Hire has developed a detailed understanding of our requirements. We know that it just needs one call and it is done.


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Flexible vehicle hire

National coverage

Modern, reliable, efficient fleet

Electric vehicle expertise

Award-winning customer service

Bespoke vehicle specification

Mobile servicing

A fair approach to recharges

Vehicle tracking and cameras as standard

Speed limiters standard on commercial vehicles

Unique driver support services

24/7/365 breakdown recovery

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