Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby an organisation recognises that its business operations and processes may have an impact on social, economic and environmental issues outside of the workplace. It also represents a commitment to ensuring and maintaining socially responsible behaviour in an organisation.


We seek to sustain a business that is successful and respected in its ethical standing by our stakeholders. These include customers, clients, investors, regulators, suppliers and the community. We embrace the role our business plays on a day to day basis in contributing to a better society.  


We will deliver excellence in customer service and the customer journey, whilst maintaining a high level of truthfulness and honesty.


We will ensure safety is at the heart of everything we do, caring for others and abiding by legislation.


We will constantly innovate so that we provide industry leading service to our customers.


We do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency. 


We will always work together demonstrating a synergy between all functions within the business, whilst being respectful, understanding and polite to one another.


We are aware that the running of our business will, in many ways, affect our place of work, the community and the wider environment in which we operate. We believe that the way we run our business can and should make a positive difference in these areas and we aim to ensure that continued efforts are made to achieve that.

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities are identifiable in the following areas:


With regard to the business’ impact upon the environment, we are committed, amongst other initiatives, to:

• efficient printing

• reducing the amount of waste produced by the business

• ensuring that water/electricity is used responsibly by our staff

• recycling materials as extensively as possible

• using technology to lessen the need for travel

• using public transport wherever possible when travelling is unavoidable.

Charitable/community work

Our organisation is keen to support and become involved in community initiatives and charitable work. We do this in the form of sponsorship, donations to national and local charities which may be suggested by our staff, and the funding of community projects. We are committed to helping our community by raising donations and getting staff involved by participating in internal and external activities. We work closely to charities and organisations that have similar interests to our business, such as working closely with Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes and Brake, The Road Safety Charity.  We welcome any new charities to the organisation for consideration that have a similar interest to ours. 


We recognise the importance of education in our community, and supporting individuals during this process is key to advancement. We actively encourage our employees to take up training courses, often funded by ourselves, and we offer a number of work experience placements in partnership with local schools.

Our employees

Involvement: We keep our staff fully informed of our policies and procedures and we encourage them to share their ideas with us on both internal processes affecting them, and the way our service is provided to customers/clients. We maintain an open and honest approach to all of our communications.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to providing an environment of equal opportunities for all members of our workforce. No account of any of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010 shall be taken to a detrimental effect in any decision involving recruitment, promotion, provision of facilities etc. See our equal opportunities policy for more detail in this regard.

Business partnerships

We will strive to engage with local suppliers and businesses where possible to meet the business’ operational needs, in order to support businesses within our area and decrease our carbon footprint.

In respect of our entire CSR initiative, we expect no lesser standards from our suppliers and business partners.

Ongoing commitment

We are fully committed to the principle of CSR and aim to ensure that no relevant policy decisions are made within the business, without first evaluating the potential CSR impact.

Reflex Sustainability Policy 2023

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