Fatigue and distraction monitor

Safer drivers

Monitor your drivers for fatigue and distraction with Flexicampro, a technology that triggers a warning if it senses danger and is designed to ensure drivers are adhering to safe driving practices, whatever vehicle they are in.

Flexicampro technology includes:

  • Smart software to detect fatigue and distraction
  • Triggered warnings if driver needs to take a break
  • Reporting and alerts


Creating Safer Drivers

Expert analysis of drivers who fall asleep at the wheel indicates that they are often unaware of how fatigued they were before the incident happened. This does, unfortunately, mean that most incidents caused by fatigue can very easily be avoided.

Flexicampro technology aims to create safer drivers on the road by ensuring they are properly alert and rested. When a driver is on the road, the device monitors their face and recognises the signs of fatigue.

It can even detect distracted driving and monitors where drivers are focusing to identify when they are looking away from the road for a significant length of time.


Triggered Warnings

Flexicampro acts as an independent safety service to ensure drivers are aware they have to take a break if they exhibit the first warning signs of falling asleep.

The smart software intelligently recognises the signs of fatigue and will sound a warning when it detects causes for concern and potential dangers.

Automatic Reporting and Instant Alerts

In the event of the technology identifying driver fatigue or distraction, the Flexicampro technology can automatically transmit this data to the necessary contacts so that this can be shown in an automated report. This can then be used to provide insights into which drivers are a cause for concern.


For more information, please take a look at our Flexicampro information leaflet or speak to one of our expert advisors.

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