Forward facing cameras

On-road insights

Protect your drivers and business in the event of an incident with Flexicam by providing secure footage from the front of your vehicle.

You can’t be with drivers all the time, but Flexicam enables you to provide help and support to prevent on-road incidents and introduce training when (and if) problems occur.

Flexicam technology includes:

  • High quality, forward facing cameras
  • Driver behaviour measurement
  • Crash detection
  • Cloud connected
  • Reporting and alerts


Protecting drivers

Incidents can happen and can often be caused by other drivers on the road. With that being said, driving incidents can sometimes result in blaming other parties and drivers only having their word against a third-party.

With front footage, drivers are protected in the event of an incident in case of false claims, with our recordings often being used to absolve employees of blame. 

Protecting drivers against false claims can prevent operational downtime and reduce the amount of paperwork. As well as this, it also prevents unnecessary stress.


Reducing Insurance Claims

Flexicam footage also helps to reduce insurance claims, as recordings provide a clear record of an incident to understand who is at fault.

This can include showing damage to third party vehicles and, crucially, how many people were in the other vehicle, which deters inflated personal injury claims after any incident.


Improving Driving Habits

Of course, driving footage can also be used to help improve driving performance and prevent risks and hazards by close monitoring to spot near-misses as and when they happen.

If a near-miss does happen, managers can use this footage to support drivers and help them to adapt their driving style to reduce risks in future for safer driving.


Automatic Reporting and Instant Alerts

In the event of an incident, the Flexicam technology can detect a crash and can immediately and automatically transmit this data to the necessary contacts with instant alerts and cloud-connected features.

For more information, please take a look at our Flexicam information leaflet or speak to one of our expert advisors.

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They are small enough to care, but big enough to cope. They are straightforward, decent people that are visible in the business and accessible when you need them.


The fact the vehicles have dash cams, with instant downloads of any incidents, has proven invaluable and has saved us thousands of pounds on bogus insurance claims.


Over a decade of working together, Reflex Vehicle Hire has developed a detailed understanding of our requirements. We know that it just needs one call and it is done.


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