Forward and rear-facing cameras

On-road insights

You can’t be with drivers all the time, but Flexicam enables you to provide help and support to prevent on-road incidents and introduce training when problems occur.

Flexicam’s forward facing and optional rear facing cameras are designed to record journeys and provide secure footage when an incident happens.

This protects both drivers and the company in several ways.

Firstly, drivers are protected in the event of an incident in case of false claims, with our recordings often being used to absolve employees of blame. Without the footage, drivers only have their word against a third-party.

The footage also helps to reduce insurance claims, as recordings provide a clear record of any incident.

This can include showing damage to third party vehicles and, crucially, how many people were in the other vehicle, which deters inflated personal injury claims after any incident.

Managers can also use Flexicam footage to support drivers in dealing with near-misses on the road, helping them to adapt their driving style to reduce risk.

Our Flexicam technology includes accurate driver behaviour measurement and crash detection, with sensitive GPS technology and cloud-connected features that can immediately transmit data for reporting and alerts.

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  • On-road insights
  • Protect drivers and your business
  • Support driver training
  • Reduce risk
  • Instant alerts
  • Cloud-connected

“It has proved invaluable in improving the management of the fleet.”

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