Fatigue and distraction monitor

Safer drivers

Flexinap is a fatigue and distraction monitoring device that helps to ensure drivers are properly alert and rested.

When a driver is on the road, the device monitors their face for signs of fatigue or distraction.

Smart software recognises the signs that a driver is becoming fatigued and will sound a warning when it detects a problem.

Expert analysis of drivers who fall asleep at the wheel indicates that often they are unaware of how tired they were before the incident happened.

Flexinap acts as a safety service that works in conjunction with Flexicam to ensure drivers know they have to take a break if they exhibit the first warning signs of falling asleep.

The system can also detect distracted driving, such as when the drivers look away from the road for a significant length of time.

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  • Fatigue and distraction monitor
  • Live monitoring
  • Safety alerts
  • Improved safety
  • Driver welfare

“One in six crashes resulting in death or injury on major roads are fatigue-related."

Loughborough University

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