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Resourcing Solutions



Supply requirements:

Commercial vehicles, tracking and reporting

Fleet size:

20 vans

Resourcing Solutions a variety of client needs with its 20-vehicle fleet

By introducing Reflex Vehicle Hire vans, including vehicle tracking and live driver intervention, Resourcing Solutions is minimising at-work incidents and making the fleet more efficient

When Joe Christopherson joined Resourcing Solutions in 2017, the business had already been a customer of Reflex Vehicle Hire for several years.

As with all our customers, when there is a change of contact, we provide a detailed update on the current fleet and our supply arrangements to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

In discussing the fleet, it became clear that a key focus was how Resourcing Solutions could effectively monitor the fleet on the road while also managing the additional administration that came with vehicle tracking.

This is a concern for many fleet managers, who install vehicle tracking systems only to find they don’t have the resource to analyse the data that is being produced in order to act on the results.

Furthermore, analysis may be carried out long after the incident has occurred, so it might be difficult for drivers to recall what is being discussed.

Reflex Vehicle Hire provided a detailed briefing about our Driive with Reflex innovations that included the offer of third-party monitoring of telematics data, backed by live intervention by phone with the driver, when safe to do so, if issues are identified.

This service provides a ‘guardian angel’ for drivers to ensure that if there is a problem, or if they need guidance, there is always timely support available.

The correct level of intervention is critical, so the Driive with Reflex team are trained to ensure they take the correct approach. As an independent third-party, their advice on driving is often more readily accepted than communications directly from the employer.

The Driive with Reflex team also prepare a summary of driving performance data that shows overall scores each week and areas for improvement, which can then be used for incentives or as the basis for performance improvement programmes.

Joe Christopherson said:

This service has freed up my time and had an impact on fleet performance. It ensures driving standards are maintained, which shows that ongoing monitoring really works.

It is also valuable having a third-party discuss any issues, firstly because it can happen as soon as an incident occurs and secondly because it helps to have an independent voice providing feedback, rather than a manager, when it comes to discussing driving, because advice may be more readily accepted.

In addition, through regular summary reports, Resourcing Solutions can identify ongoing issues with individual drivers and arrange a personal briefing.

Reflex Vehicle Hire provides ongoing support to ensure that service levels remain high, with a dedicated business development manager who receives feedback and monitors key KPIs to make sure the highest levels of customer service are maintained.

For a busy fleet manager, this is a high priority, as it ensures that any issues or requests can be resolved quickly.

Joe Christopherson added:

If and when I do need to call Reflex, they always answer. They understand the problem and they take ownership. Even when my account manager was off on maternity leave, there were people who immediately took her place who knew the account and made sure I was happy and had no issues.

Overall, he rates the quality of service and innovation from Reflex Vehicle Hire very highly and regularly promotes the benefits of tracking with live intervention at industry meetings.

He said:

I am very happy with the service and I am almost one of Reflex Vehicle Hire’s biggest salespeople, as I am always talking about the system we use and how it is ideal for my needs.

Resourcing Solutions benefited from the use of the following Driive with Reflex technologies

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