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Safety as Standard with Reflex Vehicle Hire

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With vehicle hire, the focus is often on getting the best price. But at Reflex Vehicle Hire, we think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to cost effective flexible vehicle hire.

We don’t just deliver on competitive pricing; our safety-first vehicle rental programme helps to keep vehicles and drivers safe on the road, minimising incidents and maintenance costs that all too often push up hire costs.

Every vehicle offered by Reflex Vehicle Hire comes with safety fitted as standard, with speed limiters and our award-winning safety products, including built-in vehicle tracking and dashcam technology.

Our industry-leading investment in technology ensures that effective fleet management isn’t compromised when drivers are in hired vehicles. You will still be able to see your drivers on the road and have access to a suite of detailed reports that provide the insights you need to maintain the efficiencies you have on your owned fleet.

In addition, live alerts enable you to respond immediately when drivers encounter issues on the road.

Each vehicle is carefully prepared by an expert team to the highest standards before being delivered, while our in-house experts can carry out bespoke work on vans, to ensure they meet your specific needs.

When you hire from Reflex, you don’t just receive a fit-for-purpose vehicle, you gain access to support from a dedicated team of experts who understand the importance of quick, reliable delivery and 24-hour availability to support your needs. That’s why we have a growing army of customers who always turn to Reflex Vehicle Hire to deliver their flexible fleet needs.


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