Vehicle cameras, telemetry data, and continuous driver behavioural improvement



McGinley Support Services



Supply requirements:

Commercial Vehicles

Fleet size:

240 vehicles

McGinley Support Services is a busy fleet with 226 vans and 14 cars

By introducing our Flexi-technologies, the total number of accidents had fallen more than 50% and the total accident costs were down more than 80%

McGinley is one of the UK’s largest specialist recruitment agencies providing the infrastructure sector of the construction industry with permanent, contract and temporary staff at all levels. It helps customers in airports, energy, metro, ports, rail, roads, telecoms, waste and water, and can supply staff, labour and support services to civil engineering contractors, subcontractors, utilities, infrastructure owners and operators nationally.

The business operates around the clock and the nature of its client base means that safety is at the heart of everything it does. Customer demand is often time critical, but with a safety-first approach that must be adhered to by suppliers as well.

McGinley has more than 420 authorised and approved drivers, across 10 service centres nationwide, placing a range of demands on the company when it comes to vehicle provision.

Last year, the business undertook an in-depth review of transport and allocated a dedicated fleet manager.

As a supplier, we worked closely with him on establishing his needs and how we could support the business.

We helped introduced our FlexicamPlus vehicle camera and telemetry service, in addition to a programme of continuous driver behavioural improvement through our Flexiprofiler service.

FlexicamPlus, a hard-wired tracker with a high-definition incident camera, has ongoing recording, as well as an activate incident alert. Within minutes of an incident occurring an email containing 15 seconds of footage prior to an alert and 5 seconds after is sent to the fleet manager.

The system also acts as an independent witness to protect against spurious insurance claims and offers a vital source of evidence if the driver is a victim of a road traffic offence or a road rage incident.

FlexicamPlus allows McGinley to educate drivers on their driving style and help them avoid dangers posed by others.

This means that although the fleet has flexible vehicle provision, safety standards are always maintained, as the company can identify and mitigate risk through an effective vehicle telematics service.

However, the technology is only part of the service. We worked closely with McGinley to understand their requirements and how we could play a supporting role that goes beyond being a vehicle supplier.

McGinley Fleet Manager said:

The service that they provide is exceptional. It is a real partnership. I have removed companies from our supply list in the past, but Reflex are a true partner.

When it comes to service levels, such as late night or weekend responses, they are really good. They understand what you need as a business, such as like-for-like replacement vehicles.

It is a stipulation that we need vehicle cameras for some customers and their support has made it possible.

I would not have been able to achieve what I have done without the support of Reflex.

A key example of the flexible support from Reflex is our work to ensure that access to market-leading safety technology was not limited to our vehicles; we worked with another vehicle supplier to fit its own vehicles with our ground-breaking system when they were in use by McGinley.

Normally suppliers would not talk to each other, but Reflex put their customer first and worked together with a potential rival, because it benefited our business. That level of support is rare and it was noted by our directors that Reflex were working as partners to this extent.

Our partnership approach has allowed McGinley to enhance the safety standards on its flexible fleet and achieve substantial savings as a result.

Between January 2017 and April 2017 McGinley had 44 incidents, which caused a total of £130,000 in damages.

By contrast, from January 2018 to April 2018, after we had partnered with McGinley to introduce the system, accidents had fallen more than 50% and total accident costs were down more than 80% to just over £19,000.

This shows a significant reduction in damages and is a direct result of all vehicles being installed with FlexicamPlus, along with driver-online assessments and interaction.  We are now in a strong position to reduce our policy cost.

By working in partnership with Reflex Vehicle Hire, McGinley Support Services is able to review footage of each incident and identify areas where it can further improve driver performance, for example in terms of defensive driving and preventative measures when parking.

This is enhanced by our Flexiprofiler service, which helps to improve driver skills and identifies further driver training requirements.

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