Bristol to introduce Clean Air Zone

Bristol set to be first UK city to ban diesel vehicles

The city look to be the next to follow the government guidelines by banning diesel vehicles

After London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was announced in early April 2019, more cities are beginning to follow suit by introducing fines and bans to parts of their city centres on diesel cars, including Bristol.

Who is affected?

The city’s council have put a proposal in place which will see parts of the centre completely ban privately owned diesel vehicles during the hours of 07:00 and 15:00. Commercial vehicles will have to pay to enter this area during those hours and taxis and emergency services will be exempt. Anyone other than this entering the area will incur a fine.

2021 is the year the scheme is due to be brought into place, seeing a wider Clean Air Zone (CAZ) where vehicles will be charged to enter. Lorries, vans, buses and taxis will be charged to enter the wider clean air zone and will also be granted access into the central zone. The charge for taxis and vans will cost £9 daily and £100 for HGVs. Although private diesel cars will not be charged to enter the wider clean air zone.

How will it work?

A similar number plate recognition system that London have in place will be adopted to reinforce charges and fines.


Bristol City Council have a legal obligation to reduce pollution in the city air by lowering NO2 levels within the legal limit as fast as they can. It is hoped that the proposed plan can help to achieve this by 2025. This is a first for the UK as no other city has introduced an outright ban on diesel vehicles.

Where next?

Other cities have been in talks to introduce Low Emission Zones – such as Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester. The scheme is said to cover all 10 of Greater Manchester’s local authorities.

How can we help?

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