Celebrating Unity and Pride: Reflex Vehicle Hire's 'Wear it Rainbow' Day in Support of Stonewall

Reflex Vehicle Hire's 'Wear it Rainbow' Day in Support of Stonewall

Celebrating unity and pride

At Reflex Vehicle Hire, we wholeheartedly believe in celebrating diversity and inclusivity. In the spirit of Pride Month, we held a 'Wear it Rainbow' day, where our staff came together in a vibrant display of solidarity, raising funds for Stonewall.


A Colourful Celebration

On June 8th, the Reflex Vehicle Hire team embraced Pride Month by hosting a ‘Wear it Rainbow’ day. From boldly coloured outfits to rainbow accessories, staff proudly displayed their support for the LGBTQ+ community. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by our team members was inspiring, as each individual embraced their own unique style while radiating positivity.


Supporting Stonewall's Cause

Our 'Wear it Rainbow' day raised funds and awareness for Stonewall, an organisation at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Through generous contributions and the dedication of our staff, we were able to make an impact on Stonewall's vital work. By supporting their initiatives, we aim to create a society where everyone can live their lives authentically and without fear of discrimination.


The Power of Visibility

Beyond the financial contributions, our 'Wear it Rainbow' day had a profound impact on fostering visibility and raising awareness. The vibrant sea of colours throughout our offices encouraged dialogue and created an inclusive space where individuals can feel safe to express their identities. By proudly showcasing our support for the LGBTQ+ community, we sent a resounding message that diversity is not only accepted but also celebrated within our organisation.


Inspiring Change

Our 'Wear it Rainbow' day served as a catalyst for change, inspiring reflection and dialogue surrounding LGBTQ+ issues. It creates a platform for meaningful conversations about acceptance and the ongoing fight for equal rights. Through this event, we aim to continue fostering an environment that embraces diversity and empowers every individual to be themselves.


Continuing the Journey

While our 'Wear it Rainbow' day has concluded, our commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ rights and promoting inclusivity remains steadfast. We encourage ongoing dialogue and engagement, recognising that change is a continuous journey. As an organisation, we will continue to support initiatives that promote equality, diversity and inclusivity within and beyond our workplace.


As Pride Month continues, we carry the spirit of our 'Wear it Rainbow' day forward, promoting a society that values love, acceptance, and equality for all. Together, we can create a brighter future where every individual can live authentically and unapologetically.


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