Why is improving fleet safety important?

Fleet safety is important both for your drivers and your business and it is a must when it comes to ensuring fleet compliance when out on the road

Keeping your drivers and your fleet safe will ensure you minimise risk and associated costs for your business

When it comes to any business, employees are your most important asset. Without them, it would not be possible to mobilise the resources needed for business growth.

Previously, we looked at fleet safety management to improve fleet compliance, but this time we will focus on the importance of fleet safety for your business and for your drivers.

Fleet safety is focused on preventing incidents occurring within the work environment and this blog will help you to understand the reasoning behind initiatives that keep your employees safe on the road.


The objectives of fleet safety


Avoids risk to employees and the company

Driving is dangerous. You never know what could happen at any given moment. In the event of a crash, the cost of bent metal is only the start. There are considerable costs relating to employees and third parties that suffer injuries. The damage caused by crashes can have a physical impact and also affect mental health.

To protect drivers and the public, you need to know what is happening on the road. Therefore dashcam telematics systems are a great preventative measure as they give fleet managers early warning of problems with driving. In the event of an incident, they provide vital evidence to prove your drivers are not at fault, or to minimise the risk of false claims. Technology can also help to improve many other aspects of fleet safety. For example, live monitoring of tyre pressures, which provides in-cab information about tyre pressures to ensure vehicles are operating safely.


Reduces insurance premiums and claims

A robust fleet safety programme not only protects driver safety but also reduces costs. This includes the direct cost of crashes and your insurance premiums. When negotiating premiums with insurers, they like to see companies that are controlling their risks. If you can show a proactive approach to safety, for example using telematics and dashcams, this is likely to lower your premiums and also any excess you are required to pay. With the benefits of technology in place, along with education and driver training initiatives, insurers may lower premiums further as your incident rates remain low in subsequent years. To put it in simple terms, fewer accidents means fewer claims and lower insurance premiums.


Improves driver behaviour and efficiency

Fleet safety compliance measures lessen the risk of drivers involved in incidents. This can either be through improvement in driving standards or through better awareness of dangerous situations caused by other road users. Providing the right driver support and training allows fleet managers to identify areas of potential need which can be addressed either through office-based learning or on-road driver training.

Fleet managers can focus training and support where needed to improve driving performance. Although training involves an upfront cost, if often pays for itself through fewer incidents and lower insurance costs. There are other benefits too, such as improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance, because safe drivers often accelerate more gently and avoid harsh braking because they know to plan ahead while driving.


Improves overall management of the business

By understanding driver behaviour you also get closer to employees to obtain a much clearer view of how your business is performing. Through regular communication, you can identify more of the day-to-day issues employees face and consider ways to help them to be more efficient.

Through regular reviews of fleet safety within the business, you can also identify emerging risks and areas where there is unnecessary spending. A focus on fleet safety also helps with long-term planning. For example, how will your business adapt to operating electric vehicles and what are the potential risks?


Retains a positive brand image

Fleet safety protects your reputation on the road and off it. Your vans are mobile billboards for your business and if they are driven badly this reflects directly on your company. If you have friendly, courteous drivers who are consistently safe, this helps potential customers view your business in a good light. With a growing number of people publishing footage of bad driving on the internet, it also ensures that your company avoids being the next viral sensation on YouTube or Twitter.

Implementing fleet safety measures, such as telematics, also means you can be more consistent in deliveries or keeping appointments, because drivers are less likely to be late because of an incident. You cannot prevent traffic jams, but you can ensure the driver is able to keep their appointments through safe driving practices.

Showing you care about your drivers is also great for morale, which is also likely to improve performance and increase levels of loyalty among staff. People want to work with and for a business that protects its employees because it reflects your concern not just for them, but for clients and the public too.


Fleet safety with Reflex Vehicle Hire

As part of our services at Reflex Vehicle Hire, we add value to every fleet through our advanced telematics systems as well as other safety services to support fleet operators and ensure fleet safety out on the road. We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer services and having worked with many businesses, we have the expertise to support your business with any challenge.

We take the time to understand the issues you might be facing. If you have any questions, please contact us and a member of our friendly, professional team will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call us at 0330 460 9913 or email us at sales@reflexvehiclehire.com. You can also check out our latest insights to get the most up to date news on the fleet industry!


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