Six fleet safety management tips to improve fleet compliance

With society slowly easing its way back to ‘normal' as the worst of the pandemic passes, traffic levels are increasing and fleet managers are under growing pressure to keep operating safely.

How can fleet managers cope with the pressure? How can we make your life easier? These questions are exactly why we have created this guide on how you can implement fleet safety management to improve fleet compliance.

Incentivise your drivers

Incentivising drivers can be a key component of your strategy to improve fleet safety. You can do this by aligning telematics with gamification - your drivers can compete in real-time against each other on metrics such as driver scoring, fuel efficiency and adherence to speed limits.

At Reflex Vehicle Hire, this is all possible through Flexitrack. Gamifying telematics helps foster healthy competition whilst also being an effective method of fleet safety management. Figure out the metrics that matter most and link them to perks or bonuses.


Dashcam footage

Dashcams are essential to fleet safety as they record journeys as well as crucial footage of incidents as they occur. This helps to establish strategies to reduce risk, clearly establish when third parties are at fault and help to reduce false insurance claims.

Protecting drivers against false claims prevents operational downtime, reduces paperwork and most importantly, prevents unnecessary stress.

Footage can be used to help improve driving performance and prevent the risks of hazards by monitoring near-misses as and when they happen. If an incident does happen, managers can use the footage to support drivers in adapting their driving style to reduce future risks and support safer driving.

We can protect your fleet with Flexicam, which includes forward or rear-facing cameras that help to prevent incidents.


Real-time vehicle tracking

Telematics systems are an essential tool for day-to-day use by fleets to gain real-time understanding of how vehicles are being used. You can see where your vehicles are, and receive alerts when there are delays or incidents on the road, so clients can be kept informed. 

In order to improve fleet compliance, there are advanced telematics systems that record events like speeding, sudden braking or acceleration - all of which increase the likelihood of an accident happening.

Whether it is driver-centric or operational-centric, gathering this data enables you to understand the potential risks that your business faces.

Understanding this information will allow you to implement systems and appropriate training programs for your drivers, allowing them to visualise their bad habits and become better drivers. Having this control means you can focus your training and support where it is needed.

Our Flexitrack telematics system is designed to maximise your profitability through greater productivity, increased driver efficiency and improved safety without any contracts or installation fees.


Optimise journey planning

Effective journey planning can save fleets money by making the fleet more efficient. Effective routing reduces unnecessary mileage and helps to avoid congested roads by designing journeys around free-flowing routes.

If journeys are not planned, it increases the risk of an accident as drivers are more focused on working out a route than monitoring the road around them.

Using real-time tracking of vehicle movements can help you to adapt journey plans as conditions change and then send new navigation instructions straight to drivers’ vehicles.

Safeguarding your drivers

Any one of your drivers could be suffering from a difficult situation, and this might not be evident to you as fleet managers. Something as simple as talking to your drivers and checking up on them plays a large part in workplace happiness and can boost productivity.

Taking action to acknowledge each driver’s mental health (in a comfortable space and without being pushy) means you aren’t just focusing on data, but your employees as individuals. If someone lets you know they are upset or it is clear from their behaviour they aren’t feeling well, do what you can to help them get back on their feet.

Maybe you will need to give them some time off or change their schedule, where possible, and ultimately you will see positive results if you show loyalty to your drivers; this loyalty is likely to be returned.


Update your industry knowledge

The fleet market is constantly evolving, with regular changes to legislation and a steady stream of new products, services and technology, which is why you need to obtain regular updates and insights on market developments.

Being among the first to take advantage of innovations will give you a significant edge over your competitors, so pay close attention to industry blogs and official news sources to keep up to date.


How can we help you to improve fleet safety management?

At Reflex Vehicle Hire, our dedicated team of experts is always available to support your business with any challenges thanks to our industry-leading products and services.

Our advanced telematics systems offer the best in driver support services and insights so you can make sure the job is done safely and efficiently. Contact us today and we’ll be your committed fleet management partner.


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