Reflex Vehicle Hire implement Mind’s Time to Change Mental Health Pledge

Mind Mental Health Charity introduce Time to Change

Reflex Vehicle Hire are proud to sign and support the employer pledge

There is still much to be done around the work of mental health in terms of breaking the stigma and having meaningful conversations that can help to make people feel less alone when dealing with a mental illness. As an employer that puts our staff and customers wellbeing at the heart of what we do and with safety and duty of care as the core of our business values, we have taken action to work with mental health charities that can provide help and resources to our team members.

These insightful resources have helped Reflex to devise a plan that not only acknowledges individuals who are struggling but helps them to open up and talk to someone if they need to. Your employees are the backbone of your business and without them, the impact could be significant so making sure you are looking after their mental wellbeing is extremely important for boosting morale and staff retention.

As such, the activities going forward in our pledge will hopefully break any barriers that could interfere with staff getting the correct support that they need. Outlining tasks and delegating activities will help staff to understand who is responsible for what and where they can go for advice should they need it.

We are encouraging the bonding of teams in the workplace to boost staff morale and get people talking to one another. Even a chat can make all the difference, especially when the listener is understanding and empathetic towards the situation. We have also devised a plan to allow teams to rotate late starts and early finishes in the office – to allow downtime for members of staff equally and give them something to look forward to. Flexible working is proving to become the new norm and we want to encourage and support our staff members where we can, taking all situations into consideration.

Delegating a Mental Health Ambassador that is known to everyone in the business will help eliminate any alienation. The Mental Health Ambassador will be key to distributing events and resources, as well as taking part in mental health first aid training to assist those who are having a hard time and need someone to lean on.

At Reflex, we already have packages in place to assist our customers with their driver’s wellbeing, so mental health and wellbeing is not a dirty term in our setting to any member of the team. Already having these open conversations will allow people to grasp the concept much more quickly and effectively, hopefully encouraging these conversations to keep happening.

Charlie Atkins, Business Development Manager and Reflex Mental Health Ambassador said:

“Endorsing this pledge is just the start of the work that Reflex will do in order to keep our staff happy and healthy. The mental wellbeing of my colleagues is so important in order to keep a stigma free culture that recognises and addresses mental health struggles and I will do all I can to help.”


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