Dashcams and crash for cash scams

How dashcam evidence protected fleets from a callous ‘crash for cash’ scam

Dashcam footage provided vital evidence that put a fraudster in court for taking part in a dangerous ‘crash for cash’ scam on a busy motorway

Dashcam evidence has proved vital to prosecuting a ‘crash for cash’ fraudster who deliberately caused an accident in a bid to claim thousands of pounds from insurers.

This month, the man was sentenced for Dangerous Driving and Fraud by False Representation after deliberately causing a collision between three vehicles on the M62, and then attempting to claim damages through the victim’s insurer. 

After the driver was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, Detective Constable Haywood, of the City of London’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, said the case was a prime example of ‘crash for cash’ fraud by criminals who have no consideration for innocent road users caught up in their scams.

He said:

“Fortunately in this case, the drivers walked away unscathed and with just the burden of damaged vehicles. However, it is far too easy to imagine how perilous the collision could have been, and this would have been entirely down to selfishness and greed. Thank you to the victims and witnesses who assisted the investigation.”

The case related to a 2017 crash on the M62. A Renault van was travelling ahead of a 44-tonne truck, when the fraudster, in a Mercedes-Benz car, darted from lane to lane before pulling in front of the two vehicles and braking suddenly for no reason.

The Renault van driver braked in time, but the truck behind could not stop, crashing into the van and pushing it into the fraudster’s car.

All three drivers exchanged details at the scene, then the fraudster claimed for personal injury and the cost of a new car.

The drivers of the van and the truck said the criminal had deliberately caused the collision and were able to produce dash cam evidence, which meant the insurance claims were rejected and the police informed.

Although the criminal initially defended his actions, he finally pleaded guilty in court.

The case comes as the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) releases new figures showing the UK’s top 30 worst-affected postal districts for ‘crash for cash’ scams.

Birmingham is the most prevalent area, followed by postcodes in Bradford, Manchester, London, and Luton. 

IFB analysis of 2.7 million motor insurance claims made across the UK identified more than 170,000 incidents that could be linked to suspected ‘crash for cash’ gangs, who make millions of pounds annually from their scams.

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UK ‘crash for cash’ hotspots

Rank Postcode City
1 B25 Birmingham
2 B34 Birmingham
3 B8 Birmingham
4 BD7 Bradford
5 BD3 Bradford
6 WS1 Walsall
7 BB9 Blackburn
8 BD8 Bradford
9 B27 Birmingham
10 RM18 Romford
11 B33 Birmingham
12 WF13 Wakefield
13 BD15 Bradford
14 OL8 Oldham
15 HX1 Halifax
16 M8 Manchester
17 LS8 Leeds
18 N9 North London
19 WF16 Wakefield
20 LU3 Luton
21 WS2 Walsall
22 BD2 Bradford
23 BD5 Bradford
24 B11 Birmingham
25 HP12 High Wycombe
26 B28 Birmingham
27 RM8 Romford
28 LU4 Luton
29 IG3 Ilford
30 BD9 Bradford

Source: Insurance Fraud Bureau


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