Training helps to support mental health

Training course supports mental health in the workplace

Mental health is a key issue for any company and as part of our commitment to raising awareness, the team at Reflex Vehicle Hire took part in a two-day training course to learn key techniques for supporting employees

A team from Reflex Vehicle Hire has completed a two-day training course as part of our commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace.

The training programme was arranged by Business Development Manager Charlie Atkins, who was joined by colleagues including Sales Director Lisa Spong.

Other team members who received training were Kelly Crofts, Andi Lee, Taitem Harris, Nik Malyon, Sarah Neal, Danielle Newton.

Charlie Atkins is Reflex Vehicle Hire’s Mental Health Ambassador, who is supported by a team of Mental Health Champions to provide wide ranging support and guidance for staff members.

The course, organised by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, provided training on mental health issues and included case studies, presentations and role-playing of different workplace scenarios.

Charlie Atkins said:

“The training enhanced our approach to supporting mental health in the workplace and ensured several staff can now provide help and guidance if needed. 

This isn’t about diagnosing someone. We simply provide support, guidance and a friendly face to people if they need it, which has become more important in the complex working environment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our two-day training course really helped. It allowed the team to understand some of the key issues that could affect employees and talk about their own experiences in a friendly, open environment.”

The training comes after Reflex Vehicle Hire signed national charity Mind’s Mental Health Pledge and Charlie Atkins took on the role of Mental Health Ambassador to drive projects forward.

Initiatives have included ‘Open Door Days’, where trained members of staff are available to discuss employee issues in a confidential environment while at work.

Our commitment extends to our customers as we recognise that one in four people each year will end up struggling with their mental health.

Our services, such as Flexiprofiler, help companies to obtain an overview of driver health. We also offer a wellbeing questionnaire, which can be used by customers to help employees identify any issues they are facing and work with their employers to find a solution.

The aim is to remove the stigma around talking about mental health so that issues can be discussed openly.

This approach can be particularly valuable for men, who tend to be more reluctant to talk about any mental health concerns. Research has shown that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45; feeling able to talk about issues is the first step to getting the help people need.

Mind research has revealed that nearly two-thirds of adults feel their mental health has got worse during lockdown.

Lisa Spong said:

“Reflex Vehicle Hire is proud to support initiatives that make such a significant difference to people’s lives. 

Our support for mental health initiatives is just one aspect of Reflex Vehicle Hire’s approach, which prioritises the health and wellbeing of customers’ employees as well as our own team members.”

The training comes ahead of World Mental Health Day, which takes place on October 10. For further details, visit the Mind website.


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