Tyre safety in focus

Look after your tyres to keep vehicles on the road

Drivers depend on tyres as they rely on just a few square inches of contact with the road to keep them safe. Tyres lead a hard life, so it pays to look after them for financial and safety reasons

Tyres are the ‘Cinderella component’ of most vehicles - ignored, under-appreciated and all too often under-inflated. 

But they deserve more attention than they typically get, because they are critical to keeping vehicles mobile and safe.

They bear the heavy loads vans carry, cope with high speeds and the heat and force generated by braking and cornering, while also providing driver comfort as a key part of the suspension system.

Given their importance, a few minutes checking tyres regularly seems like a fair trade that can save time and money.

Regular checks can ensure that tyres have enough tread, with 1.6mm the legal minimum although safety experts recommend earlier replacement.

They must also be free of damage, particularly on the side walls, where cuts can increase the chances of a blow-out, which will lead to expensive downtime and customer service failings as repairs are carried out.

Underinflated tyres can also increase fuel consumption, costing businesses money for every mile they cover.

Maintaining the correct inflation is also important because this ensures the vehicle is set up properly to carry its payload and perform correctly.

For example, incorrect tyre pressures increase braking distances, which could make all the difference between stopping safely or being involved in a crash.

Make sure the vehicle also has the correct tyre specification, particularly when carrying loads.

Each year, tyre defects are listed as a contributing factor in the death and serious injury of hundreds of road users.

Tyre management policies should be afforded the same care and attention as any other health and safety document. 

Reflex Vehicle Hire can support fleet tyre policies with several technological innovations.

We offer Tyre Safe, a system that provides live monitoring of tyre pressures for any vehicle. Tyre Safe offers valuable in-cab information about tyres, allowing drivers to always maintain the correct pressures.

Sensors placed on the tyres wirelessly communicate with a device in the cab, providing at-a-glance safety updates.

As part of our award-winning Driive with Reflex modular risk management system, we also provide a driver smartphone app, which can be used to guide daily walkaround checks, including tyre safety assessments.

Our vehicle tracking and dashcam technology can also help with driver training, as careful driving has been proven to reduce tyre wear and lead to fewer replacements during a vehicle’s time on fleet.

For more information visit the Other Safety Services section of our website.


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