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10 reasons why professional fleet management skills are more important than ever

Skilled managers will play a key role in enabling business growth by delivering an efficient and effective fleet strategy across procurement, funding, risk management, cost control and many other areas

Professional fleet management skills are more important than ever as companies adapt their transport strategies to a new business environment over the coming years.

Mobility will be a critical driver of growth for companies of all sizes, and it will play a key role in accelerating profitability and enabling organisations to seize business opportunities as they emerge.

Skilled professionals can adapt transport strategy to the specific needs of their sector while powering growth through innovation and a focus on maintaining a safe and efficient fleet.

In many cases, responsibility for car and van fleet management is included within a broader job title, but that does not diminish its importance to efficient business operations.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“Reflex Vehicle Hire is supporting professionalism in fleet management through our dedicated team of experts, who provide a wealth of advice and information to our clients.

Through initiatives such as Reflex Renewable Drive, we ensure that managers have the experience and expertise to adapt to the changing environment, while our membership of the Association of Fleet Professionals enables us to support career development throughout the industry.

The coming years will present a wealth of new challenges to companies as they look to grow following the pandemic; investment in fleet management expertise is more important than ever in this environment.”

The proactive oversight of fleet experts will provide valuable benefits in 10 key areas:

  1. Electrification - Fleet expertise will be key to guiding companies through their switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles over the coming decade as managers develop transition strategies that introduce new vehicles without causing disruption.
  2. Procurement - Knowledgeable managers can utilise their experience to ensure they deliver the right vehicles and services, from the best suppliers, at the right time, so their companies can operate efficiently and effectively, despite ongoing supply chain disruption following the pandemic.
  3. Innovation - Using their extensive industry contacts, professional transport executives are among the first to identify new trends and technologies that can deliver enhancements to their current fleet and mobility operations.
  4. Funding - Blended funding solutions are becoming more important as companies adapt to the new economic environment. This requires expertise to expand the range of funding choices beyond traditional options, such as leasing and purchase, to innovative new methods, including flexible vehicle hire, subscriptions services and new mobility options like rental by the mile or hour.
  5. Flexibility - Companies have had to adopt an agile approach to generating revenue in the past year and their fleet operations need to be equally flexible. Professionals are using their extensive knowledge of suppliers to ensure their fleet operations can flex to the changing needs of their businesses so they can grow quickly, but also avoid the burden of fixed costs for unused assets. Expertise is also essential in adapting transport policies to greater levels of homeworking.
  6. SMR – An effective service, maintenance and repair programme is essential for maximising uptime and minimising costs. Managers with fleet experience are experts in spotting potential barriers to efficient fleet operations and their associated costs. This knowledge can be applied in any area, such as ensuring electrification runs smoothly.
  7. Technology - The expert application of technology can transform a fleet operation to drive new levels of efficiency and safety, whether through software or in-vehicle systems such as telematics and dashcams. A qualified fleet expert can oversee effective deployment of technology and manage data to derive valuable insights that inform business strategy.
  8. Compliance - There are lots of legislative challenges facing fleets, ranging from low emission zones to proposals to expand the goods operator licensing regime to include vehicles of 2.5-3.5 tonnes for certain operations from next year. Expert fleet managers will be custodians of transport compliance within companies and identify any potential challenges on the horizon.
  9. Road risk - The risk management expertise of fleet managers can often have a transformative impact on a business, from slashing downtime and repair costs to improving fuel efficiency and enhancing employee welfare. They can also identify the potential benefits of risk management strategies and oversee successful deployment, in partnership with suppliers, to deliver significant business savings that enhance profits.
  10. Cost control - The best fleet managers can be worth 10-20 times their salary in savings that they lock-into transport operations year after year. By delivering efficiencies, minimising costs, and prioritising safety, they prevent many of the drains on resources that can impact on the reputation and reliability of even the best companies. Investing in professional skills can transform a fleet operation and underpin profitable growth.

Reflex Vehicle Hire is empowering fleet managers to improve their mobility operations with an award-winning breadth of services, ranging from flexible vehicle hire to the Driive with Reflex modular risk management service, which provides Safety as Standard.

Our expert team also provides a wealth of additional support, including expert advice on vehicle selection and equipment sourcing, in areas including racking, power supply, crew welfare and security.

For details on the wealth of vehicles available on flexible terms from Reflex Vehicle Hire, review our Vehicle Selection page or contact one of our expert team members.


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