Joining the high-mile club

Why high-mileage motors can be a good purchase

A common phrase in used car sales is ‘low mileage’, which acts as shorthand for quality, but how much do miles really matter and what other issues should you consider?

When looking for a used car or van, you want to ensure you buy a vehicle that can go the distance when it comes to your everyday needs.

As a result, alongside considerations such as specification, colour and condition, mileage is often used as a filter when finding the right model.

But this approach can deny buyers the chance to access thousands of quality used vehicles that offer everything except a low odometer reading.

There are two key reasons why high-mileage motors should not be ignored.

Firstly, vehicles with high mileages are often some of the best cared for cars and vans on the road. They have typically received regular servicing with quality parts to reflect the amount of use they get and the value they are providing.

A high odometer reading may indicate a vehicle has spent most of its life on the motorway, where wear and tear tends to be minimal. In contrast, a low mileage car may have had lots of cold starts and town driving, which places more stress on components.

Secondly, a low odometer reading does not guarantee that a vehicle has covered fewer miles. A recent investigation revealed that there could be as many as 2.5 million cars and vans on Britain's roads with doctored mileage.

The answer is to select a used vehicle supplier where quality counts so that you can consider joining the high-mile club.

Modern cars are built to last, with a design life of around 150,000 miles in most cases, but if they are looked after, it is possible to cover more than double this mileage and more.

The world’s highest mileage car is a 1966 Volvo 1800S owned by Irvin Gordon in the USA, who has covered more than three million miles since he bought it.

As part of our commitment to the highest standards, Reflex Vehicle Hire owns its fleet vehicles, which means we can offer a wide range of quality used cars and vans through Reflex Vehicle Sales.

We offer cars and vans direct from our fleet, covering most major brands and each year hundreds of used vehicles are sold to trade customers, who trust Reflex’s reputation for honesty, quality, and a partnership approach.

Our vehicles are typically sold at three to four years old and will have been owned by Reflex Vehicle Hire since new. They will have been serviced throughout their life by our team of trained professional technicians, while the Driive with Reflex tracking and dashcam technology fitted to vehicles means they have been carefully monitored by customers and well looked after.

Research shows that customers value used cars and vans offered by Reflex Vehicle Hire more highly because they know they have been looked after and have detailed service histories.

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