London Ultra-Low Emission Zone

Flexible hire can cut cost of London ULEZ expansion

As the London Ultra Low Emission Zone expands on Monday (October 25) to make older, dirtier commercial vehicles pay for the pollution they cause, fleets can use flexible rental to quickly update to newer, cleaner vans

London is penalising pollution with a massive expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone from Monday (October 25).

The larger zone will now go up to the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205).

The scheme targets diesels in a bid to improve local air quality. While petrol cars only need to meet Euro 4 standards, mainly anything less than 15 years old, diesels must meet Euro 6 or higher, which was introduced around 2016.

This could be costly for businesses that have long replacement cycles, or those that operate used vans. 

Transport for London estimates the new zone affects 130,000 cars, 5,000 vans and 2,000 HGVS.

In total, the zone extension will cost drivers and businesses £2 million a day in tolls, unless they upgrade their vehicles or stop travelling in the zone. 

Companies with affected vans either pay the £12.50 daily charge for every vehicle entering the zone, or upgrade to newer, low emission vehicles.

If companies outright purchase newer vehicles, they face massive upfront costs, while leasing will lock firms into years of monthly payments, but there is a better way to update vans and cars – flexible vehicle hire.

Through flexible vehicle hire, your business can add the newest, cleanest vehicles to your fleet without being tied into a long-term contract. If your business needs change, you can just hand the vehicle back. 

This simple and flexible alternative to buying or leasing is the perfect solution to avoid unnecessary costs from the London ULEZ expansion while maintaining customer service levels and reducing pollution.

Fleets also need to prepare for charges to enter other major cities unless they update their fleets, with Bath and Birmingham already operating zones and many other cities planning to introduce charges.

Talk to Reflex Vehicle Hire today about how to keep vehicle costs down with a flexible vehicle solution that could update your fleet within days.

You can also check if your vehicle meets the standard by following this link.


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