Meet Rachel – the digital face of Reflex Vehicle Hire customer service

Meet Rachel – the digital face of Reflex Vehicle Hire customer service

The new digital face of the Reflex Vehicle Hire website can answer any question instantly and has already helped with hundreds of customer enquiries

Visitors to the Reflex Vehicle Hire website may have noticed a new member of the team – Rachel, our digital customer service assistant.

Rachel is powered by the latest chatbot technology and can automatically help to answer a wealth of questions about our services or direct you to the best person for the task.

She is always on call and has already answered a significant number of enquiries from Reflex Vehicle Hire customers and website visitors, with subjects ranging from hiring a vehicle to questions about our award-winning telematics service Driive with Reflex. She has also supported customers who are looking to buy a used vehicle from Reflex Vehicle Sales.

Rachel is ready to greet every customer who visits our website at with a friendly smile and a wealth of knowledge.

She plays a vital role in customer service, as research shows that most people value having access to support and information at any time, especially outside traditional working hours.

Furthermore, the majority of respondents in a recent survey said they were happy to use a chatbot to quickly secure answers to simple questions or ensure their enquiry reaches the right person first time.

Reflex Vehicle Hire Marketing Team said:

“Providing a digital customer service solution such as Rachel ensures that new and existing customers have another source of support from the Reflex Vehicle Hire team that is available 24 hours a day.

Our dedicated support team is always available when needed, but Rachel provides an alternative way to obtain quick answers to queries, either by responding directly or guiding customers to the right person within Reflex Vehicle Hire who will be able to offer their expert help.”

You can chat to Rachel by clicking the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button at the bottom right of the Reflex Vehicle Hire website and choose from a selection of subjects where she can help, or just submit a general enquiry.


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