Mental Health Awareness

Rest and Recharge initiative for Reflex employees promotes mental health and protects customer service levels

Reflex Vehicle Hire has introduced a new welfare scheme to improve employee wellbeing and maintain the highest levels of customer service

Reflex Vehicle Hire has introduced a new Rest and Recharge initiative for staff as part of its wide-ranging commitment to promoting mental health awareness and protecting employee wellbeing.

Employees are given an early Friday finish on a rotating basis, so they have a longer weekend to focus on their health in reward for their hard work providing industry-leading service levels to customers.

The launch of the initiative is part of the Reflex partnership with Mind, the mental health charity, and aims to remove any stigma related to talking about the importance of mental health.

Rest and Recharge is just one of a series of projects being championed by Reflex Mental Health Ambassador Charlie Atkins.

She said:

“Reflex is an employer that puts our staff and customers’ wellbeing at the heart of what we do, with safety and duty of care at the core of our business values.

Every team member is dedicated to providing industry-leading levels of customer service and this can only be achieved if they are provided with the right levels of support in the workplace.”

Reflex Vehicle Hire already has an internal network of trained mental health champions who are available to provide support and advice to team members through a confidential scheme, while ongoing projects include team bonding and training programmes.

The mental health programme also extends to customer welfare, particularly drivers who are using Reflex vehicles.

The Welfare of Reflex Drivers programme (WORD) focuses on helping our clients to talk more openly with their drivers about health and wellbeing.

Our work includes distributing special information packs containing guidance for drivers, while vehicles have stickers that provide details of a telephone helpline and website that drivers can use if they need help and support.

The Coronavirus crisis has had a major impact on people’s mental health, particularly on frontline workers, including those in essential transport roles.

Research shows that around one billion people globally have a mental health issue; depression is the most common, with around 5% of adults in the world suffering at any one time.

The lost productivity resulting from depression and anxiety, two of the most common conditions, costs the global economy £700 billion each year.

Simple initiatives can have a major impact, such as removing the stigma surrounding mental health so it is easier to discuss problems.

By supporting team members, Reflex has been able to build an award-winning service, securing dozens of accolades over the past few years, including a coveted Fleet News Award naming us Fleet Supplier of the Year.

Our most recent trophy came from the Leicestershire Live Business Awards, which named Reflex Vehicle Hire as the best business for customer service excellence.

For further information about Reflex Vehicle Hire, WORD, or our vehicle range, contact one of our expert team members to discuss your fleet needs.


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