Put your fleet in the EV driving seat with Reflex Renewable Drive

Fleets gain EV insights through Reflex Renewable Drive Programme

As the country prepares for the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, the Reflex Renewable Drive Programme helps fleets prepare for change by giving them hands-on experience of electric vehicles

Reflex Renewable Drive Programme

•    Test drive programme for electric vehicles
•    Vital fleet exposure to new technology
•    First-hand driving experience for fleet managers
•    Create a valuable feedback loop with OEMs and suppliers
•    Expand experience of EV operations
•    Obtain knowledge to brief business leaders
•    Create an EV strategy based on practical understanding
•    Build awareness of issues to support drivers through transition

Request a Reflex Renewable Drive road test by emailing marketing@reflexvehiclehire.com


The Reflex Renewable Drive initiative puts fleets in the driving seat of the transition to electric vehicles.

A national shift to a zero-carbon economy will completely reshape the fleet industry in the next decade.

By 2035, an official ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars will come into force, meaning thousands of companies will need to switch to a zero-emission strategy for their fleets.

In the public sector, the change will be even more rapid, with the government planning to make its 40,000-vehicle fleet zero emission by 2027.

Fleet managers will be the driving force of change as the UK switches to electric vehicles and in this new transport landscape, expert knowledge will prove vital.

Reflex Vehicle Hire is empowering managers with first-hand experience of plug-in vehicles through our Reflex Renewable Drive Programme to prepare them for future strategic changes.

It gets fleet managers behind the wheel of new electric cars and vans to give them essential exposure to a different driving experience, including recharging.

From this solid foundation, managers can then hold discussions with board members and drivers about the road ahead and provide valuable insights on the pros and cons of the shift to zero emission transport.

Test drives allow managers to consider key issues including range, changes in driving style, recharging requirements, carrying capacity and towing capability.

We have already supported a range of fleets through the programme. 

You can see how they got on here.

To request a road test as part of the Reflex Renewable Drive Programme, email marketing@reflexvehiclehire.com


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