Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Rule BritVANia! Van fleets provide the power behind the throne for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

As Her Majesty The Queen becomes the first British monarch in history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, after 70 years of service, van fleets will play a key role in supporting the celebrations

As national celebrations get underway to mark the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee, celebrating 70 years on the throne, the nation’s van fleets are providing sterling service behind the scenes.

With thousands of street parties approved and bunting decorating the streets, tonnes of goods and equipment is being transported to nationwide locations by commercial vehicles.

Van fleets are also carrying out crucial work to make sure the celebrations go without a hitch, including rail, utilities, logistics and engineering.

Commercial vehicles will help workers ensure trains and road transport networks operate smoothly to get people to the celebrations on time; meanwhile specialists in utilities will keep the power and water flowing as the nation consumes more than 200 million cups of tea to go with traditional scones and jam adorning street party tables throughout the country.

Vans are the backbone of Britain and have played a key role in shaping the nation throughout the Queen’s reign.

When she took the throne in 1952, another national icon was announced as the new king of the road – the Bedford CA.

The instantly recognisable LCV was a stalwart of British roads and commerce for decades, long after production stopped in 1969.

Today, van fleets look very different, with digital dashboards and hi-tech telematics on board, but their official role remains the same, serving the country and flying the flag for Britain.

Reflex Vehicle Hire is helping to support this year’s historic events as a key provider of flexible hire to companies throughout the UK.

Our customers play a vital role in every part of the economy, with thousands of drivers using our vehicles to provide services and support to millions of customers each year.

You can see some of their great work in the fleet case studies section of our website.

Through flexible hire, we ensure companies can respond to peaks in demand, such as the Jubilee celebrations, without having to commit to long-term purchases or leases that lock them into vehicles for longer than they are needed.

To find out more about Reflex Vehicle Hire, speak to a member of our expert team.


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