Reflex revs up support for fleet electric vehicle transition

Reflex revs up support for electric vehicle transition

Sales of new electric cars and vans reached record levels last year as the great EV switch gathers pace. Reflex Vehicle Hire is helping fleets with award-winning levels of advice and guidance

The pace of change is accelerating as a growing number of companies switch to electric vehicles.

Last year, 17% of new car sales in the UK were BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and plug-in cars outsold every other fuel type in December. 

Diesel, once a fleet favourite, now accounts for just 5% of new car sales.

The van market is at the early stages of transition, but the share of pure electric vehicle sales doubled in the past year to 6%.

While early adopters and enthusiasts are typically leading the charge, every business will have to manage the transition at some point, as the government looks to roll out a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, starting in 2030.

Fleet managers face a wealth of questions, such as ‘who has the best electric van for me?, ‘are electric vans cheaper?’ and ‘what electric van grants are available?’.

Reflex Vehicle Hire does more than provide the latest electric vans and cars on flexible contracts. Our team of experts is ready to answer your key questions and provide in-depth guidance on choosing the most suitable, cost-effective solution for your fleet.

Reflex has signed the Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Declaration and is a founding member of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, which was launched at COP 27 last year.

The Accelerating to Zero Coalition is a follow-up initiative to the ZEV Declaration. As members of the Coalition, and an attendee at COP 27, Reflex Vehicle Hire is fully-committed to working towards a zero-emission fleet. 

Reflex is leading by example, converting our own internal operational fleet to plug-in models. We then utilise our experience to guide users of our industry-leading flexible hire services through the electrification process, when required.

As every fleet is different, we provide a unique new service that assesses a company’s vehicle fleet and then identifies which cars and vans could be replaced by plug-in models.

The new service is called EV:IE (Electric Vehicle Information Exchange) and it has won national recognition for helping fleets with their transition plans.

EV:IE uses data about a company’s fleet and journey patterns (including information collected through telematics) to identify cars and vans that could transition to plug-in technology. It gives simple, actionable insights derived from analysing a wealth of complex data.

EV:IE is part of a range of fleet support initiatives. For example, Reflex Renewable Drive provides test drives to managers so they can build their knowledge of the latest electric cars and vans. This gives them essential insights to guide decision-making.

Our commitment was rewarded last year with national recognition as the ESG Champion of the Year at the British Business Excellence Awards.

The judges were looking for businesses who demonstrated they have successfully enacted policies and evolved their overall strategy to support the green economy and tackle environmental and climate risks. 

To learn more about how Reflex Vehicle Hire can help your business with the electric vehicle transition, contact our expert team or visit the Be EV Ready section of our website.


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