Reflex technology provides flexible support for fleets during COVID-19 crisis

Helping furloughed fleets

Reflex technology has allowed fleet operators to ‘furlough’ some of their vehicles without having to return them, so they are ready to get back to work after the Coronavirus pandemic subsides

Our customers have relied on flexible fleet support during the Coronavirus crisis and Reflex Vehicle Hire’s Award winning technology has played an essential role.

We are well-known for our flexible fleet promise that allows customers to ‘flex’ their hire fleet, so vehicles can be returned without penalty or added quickly when needed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a unique challenge, with a sudden drop in business for many customers. At the same time, business premises have been closed as employees have been furloughed.

However, this is only a short-term challenge and customers may not want to off-hire vehicles and return them, only to have to source them again in a very short period.

Reflex Vehicle Hire’s unique Driive with Reflex service has the answer.

Customers have effectively ‘furloughed’ some of their hire vehicles, by ‘standing down’ some vans during the short-term disruption caused by the pandemic; our unique Flexicamplus technology is able to monitor them to confirm they remain out of use.

Our industry-leading technology can be used to monitor mileage and location to show vans are not being used for business purposes, while vehicles remain with customers.

This means there is less disruption and administration for customers at a time when they are short on resource, while vehicles are also ready to get back to work immediately.

Furthermore, by reducing deliveries and collections, Reflex Vehicle Hire is minimising travel for our own employees to support the government’s efforts to combat the virus.

Flexicamplus is part of the Driive with Reflex modular safety service from Reflex Vehicle Hire, which provides an award-winning range of technology to enable maximum levels of risk management support and insights, while minimising vehicle running costs.

This year, Reflex Vehicle Hire was named Supplier of the Year at the Fleet News Awards, for its “unrelenting focus on improving customer safety” and “safety as standard” approach.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“We focus on a partnership approach with our customers and this initiative is an example of how we work together. Our technology allows customers to stand down vehicles for a short period without needing to return them, as they manage the disruption caused by the pandemic. We support our customers as long-term partners and this will help them return to business as usual quickly and support future growth.”

 Visit the Telematics section of the Reflex Vehicle Hire website for full details on Driive with Reflex.


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