Reflex Vehicle Hire 10th anniversary

Reflex Vehicle Hire celebrates 10 years of excellence and innovation

Since launching a decade ago, Reflex Vehicle Hire has pioneered a wealth of industry-leading services to enhance our flexible fleet provision to customers, including the award-winning Driive with Reflex modular risk management platform

Reflex Vehicle Hire has reached a historic milestone as the business marks its 10th anniversary.

During the past decade, Reflex has supported the flexible fleet needs of thousands of drivers and hundreds of customers. We have reshaped the vehicle hire market with a unique safety commitment that has protected customers from unexpected costs and helped drivers to avoid on-road incidents.

Our Safety as Standard pledge was a cornerstone commitment in the boardroom when the business was founded in 2012; over the years it has been enhanced with a growing list of innovations.

We were one of the first companies in the industry to limit our vans to 70mph and provide vehicle tracking and dashcams throughout the fleet.

Our close connection to customers inspired the addition of new products, which have been developed into the award-winning Driive with Reflex modular risk management service.

Innovations include:

Telematics monitoring and data analysis service with live driver intervention
Distraction and tiredness monitoring system, including alerts on hand-held mobile phone use
In-cab tyre pressure monitoring
Driver safety app including daily walkaround checks
Driver profiling services offering training and guidance to drivers
Driver ID service offering fob-based identification to operate vehicles

We also support customers with national mobile servicing to reduce downtime and costs for fleets.

Through this dedication to customer service and innovation, Reflex Vehicle Hire became the first van rental business to receive Van Excellence operator accreditation from the Freight Transport Association.

Our fleet has expanded to nearly 6,000 vehicles generating over 50 million pounds of annual revenue.

Our extensive range of cars and vans is deployed to meet specific industry needs in every area of business, from utilities to rail and logistics, backed by ongoing investment in the latest innovations and technology.

For example, our Safety as Standard commitment includes adding factory-fitted incident reduction technology to vehicles, where available, ranging from reversing sensors to autonomous emergency braking, which has been proven to reduce crashes by 30%.

We have introduced innovative vehicle designs over the years, such as our new welfare vans, fitted with features including a kitchen and cleaning facilities. The vans have proved invaluable to customers, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis.

The welfare vans are also part of the latest wave of innovation that will reshape the Reflex vehicle offering during the next decade, as they add to a growing electric and hybrid fleet.

As customers prepare for the government’s proposed ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030, we are at the forefront of driving change. Our new services include Reflex Renewable Drive, which is designed to expand fleet managers’ knowledge of electric vehicles through test drives in the latest zero-emission models.

We also launched EV:IE (Electric Vehicle Information Exchange), a unique fleet evaluation tool that analyses data on a company’s current vehicle choices and provides insights on alternative zero-emission cars and vans that could replace them.

As we were leaders in the provision of support to switch to low- and zero-emission vehicles, customers have already driven more than 1 million miles in green cars and vans from Reflex.

Protecting the environment is just one area where Reflex Vehicle Hire has made a difference in the past decade.

We provide ongoing support for a range of charitable initiatives, from food banks to blood banks. Our dedicated team launched a high-profile campaign to raise mental health awareness for employees and drivers. In addition to working with mental health charities, we launched the Welfare of Reflex Drivers (WORD) campaign so drivers could access advice and information when needed.

Reflex Vehicle Hire has also helped lead equality and diversity within the fleet sector, including support for apprenticeships and the appointment of Lisa Spong as the first female director of the business in 2018, as one of a growing number of female managers within the business.

This wealth of passion, dedication and innovation has earned Reflex Vehicle Hire national recognition, making us one of the most-awarded companies in the industry. We have collected more than 20 trophies and accolades in the past few years.

To maintain our unique focus on customer service, safety and innovation, the business went through a share buy-back last year to give the Waring family 92% ownership of the business.

Reflex Vehicle Hire Chairman and Managing Director Oliver Waring said:

“I want to personally thank all the team for their hard work and dedication to making Reflex Vehicle Hire the best in the business.

Over the past decade, we have worked in partnership with a wealth of fleet customers to develop the essential services and innovations that keep British businesses moving.

In the next 10 years, the fleet industry will encounter some of the biggest changes in its history as electrification reshapes every part of the economy. The team at Reflex Vehicle Hire will be working in partnership with our customers along every mile of this challenging journey.

Our team will continue to provide the highest levels of advice and expertise, backed by our extensive flexible fleet and our Safety as Standard promise, to ensure customers can access the best mobility solutions today and tomorrow, no matter what challenges the future brings.”

To learn more about Reflex Vehicle Hire and join us on our journey during the next 10 years and beyond, speak to a member of our expert team.


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