Reflex Vehicle Hire are proud supporters of Brake, the road safety charity and their Global Fleet Champions initiative

Working alongside Brake as a Global Fleet Champion aligns with our core values of safety

We take our duty of care commitment very seriously and want to educate our customers whilst providing the safest fleet of vehicles

Reflex Vehicle Hire have formed a partnership with Brake over several years. Back in 2018, Reflex took home the award for Safe Vehicles and again in 2019 were highly commended in the same category. This award recognises the organisation that has done the most to improve the safety of its vehicles, for instance through comprehensive and effective checking and maintenance procedures, vehicle specification and modification and use of technology.

The work that Brake do for people and the community is outstanding. From providing free resources and support to fleets to enable them to become more aware of their duty of care, to offering a helpline for victims of road traffic crashes. Their vision is similar to that of Reflex’s, where everyone moves in a safe and healthy way.

Five people die on the roads every day in the UK and many more are injured. The organisation helps to protect and support road users to hopefully decrease these numbers. They promote road safety awareness by holding events, fundraising activities and involving large corporations to partner with and spread their message through campaigns and community projects.

Reflex have worked simultaneously alongside the organisation by sponsoring events, speaking in webinars, attending their annual conference, entering and sponsoring the awards evening and raising money in the office with various activities.

Sales Director, Lisa Spong along with Managing Director, Oliver Waring annually attend Brake’s Reception at the Houses of Parliament which sees the charity’s partners come together for a special event to talk about all the hard work that they have accomplished and any plans for the future.

Reflex Vehicle Hire plan to extend their longstanding support with Brake and Global Fleet Champions to help minimise the risk to road users, educate customers and staff members and most importantly raise awareness of the values that both Brake and Reflex stand for.

Faye Edmondson, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Brake said:

"We are delighted to have such a committed partner as Reflex Vehicle Hire. Brake, and our Global Fleet Champions initiative in particular works with corporate partners to help make fleet drivers and fleet vehicles safer for all road users. Reflex Vehicle Hire have road safety at the heart of their operations and through their own work, and in partnering with Brake, help to make roads safer for all. Thank you to everyone at Reflex Vehicle Hire for your on-going support.”

If you want to join in and help, please visit the Brake website:

To become a Global Fleet Champion, please visit the website:


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