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Drivers demand action to control ‘pothole pandemic’

Car and van drivers want the government to invest in road repairs to tackle the huge maintenance backlog on the network so journeys are smoother and safer

Car and van drivers are calling on the government to free them from the ‘pothole pandemic’ as their most urgent priority, according to new research.

With motorists facing more than one million potholes on the UK’s highways, two-thirds of drivers say maintenance of existing roads needs to be improved.

Many of the other biggest issues drivers identify also relate to road maintenance, including safer upkeep of the roads, improved management of roadworks and better information about planned maintenance.

The research was carried out among more than 5,000 drivers by Transport Focus, an independent body funded by the Department for Transport, which aims to understand more about the opinions of road users.

Around one-in-five car and van drivers rate the quality of road surfaces on England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads as poor.

Each year, millions of pounds worth of damage is caused to vehicles by potholes, while poor road surfaces also contribute to crashes, particularly for more vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists.

Among the other top 10 developments called for in the research were an improvement in the behaviour of other road users, better street lighting, and upgrades to roadside facilities.

Top 10 priorities for motorists

  1. Improved quality of road surfaces
  2. Safer design and upkeep of roads
  3. Better management of roadworks
  4. Better management of unplanned delays such as accidents or breakdowns
  5. Better information about unplanned disruptions (such as accidents)
  6. Better behaved drivers
  7. Better information about roadworks happening in future
  8. Better lighting on the network
  9. Reduced environmental impact of road travel
  10. Better roadside facilities (service areas, laybys)

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