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TES 2000



Supply requirements:

Commercial vehicles

Fleet size:

161 (160 vans/1 car)

High service levels backed by telematics technology

Rail industry contractor TES 2000 benefits from telematics and dashcam technology fitted to the Reflex Vehicle Hire fleet

Award-winning Fleet Manager Mick Kiely wasted no time in launching a fleet improvement programme when he joined TES 2000 in 2020.

After a thorough assessment of the fleet, he identified a series of changes that would transform operating costs and safety levels over the next 18 months.

Vehicle provision was reviewed with a focus on clear job-need, which slashed fleet cars from 17 to 1 and vans from 211 to 160. In addition to streamlining the vehicle fleet, he also drove significant savings with a focus on fleet safety through the use of telematics devices.

Fleet policies were rewritten and he updated the Drivers Handbook, introduced driver training, and mandated a regime of daily checks. A reward scheme was also launched for the four best drivers each month, with a substantial cash prize on offer for the best performers each year.

As part of the focus on best practice, Reflex Vehicle Hire was introduced as a key vehicle provider, with our high service levels proving instrumental during the selection process.

The Driive with Reflex modular risk management service, including telematics and dashcams, played a vital role in delivering lower incident levels, which has also driven down insurance costs.

Mick Kiely says:

“The reporting system is brilliant. It alerts me to any incidents on the road, such as harsh braking, and I can review the footage and drill down into what happened.

I can also show drivers the footage so they can understand where there is room for improvement.”

The use of telematics technology for speed management is a key element to reducing risk and controlling costs. A simple incident, such as speeding over road humps, could require up to £2,000 in repairs to suspension components, so ensuring drivers know their behaviour is monitored means they don’t forget their training.

Mick is proud that 97% of TES 2000 drivers have a clean licence, while careful risk management has brought down insurance claims from 76% to just 12% since he took on the role. At the same time, premiums have fallen 30%.

He added:

“We can’t prevent all incidents but when you support and educate drivers, it has a real impact on risk, which protects employees and reduces costs.”

Another key benefit of working with Reflex Vehicle Hire is our focus on delivering the highest service levels to provide the vehicles TES 2000 needs whenever required, through our flexible fleet promise.

Mick says:

“I never have serious issues with Reflex like I might have with other suppliers. They will bend over backwards to help and support you; there is a personal touch and access to management when needed, because they care about my business.”

For example, when TES 2000 needed two vehicles at 24 hours’ notice, only Reflex could deliver.

“When everyone else is struggling, they find a way to source the vehicles. It is quite amazing really.”

The next stage of the TES 2000 journey is the introduction of electric vehicles, with 50 Mercedes-Benz Citans joining the fleet next year.

Although vehicles and fuel choices will change, the focus on safety will remain.

TES 2000 has supported road safety charity Brake’s Road Safety Week and Mick Kiely is a member of a road safety group aligned to the Rail Safety Standards Board which promotes road safety across all infrastructures. He also supports initiatives with Safer Essex Roads Partnership and the Highways Agency to reduce fatigue and driving risk by providing presentations, workshops and driver talks from workers on driving risks.

“Safety is our number one priority and we collaborate with our clients and industry safety bodies to develop and deliver innovative approaches that will enhance safety performance and strengthen the overall safety culture,”

says Mick.

TES 2000 benefited from the use of the following Driive with Reflex technologies

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