Telematics: Totally trivial or transformative?

Telematics can provide countless benefits to your fleet

Using the right technology correctly can offer multiple advantages

Telematics can provide your business with a wealth of services offering extensive fleet insight, minimising risk and allowing more efficient fleet management. When properly utilised, the benefits can be endless. Added safety technology in vehicles has proven time and time again to be practical and effective.

For individuals that make legitimate use of telematics; including trackers, dash-cameras and fatigue and distraction monitors, the advantages can come in different forms without being limited to just monetary.

However, the cash saving aspect seems to be one that easily wins over consumers of the technology. The instant gratification of reduced insurance premiums can spark interest immediately. Many of our clients have experienced lower fleet insurance costs due to implementing our safety as standard packages that can reduce the risk posed to drivers.

Our aim and ethos is to ensure that no harm comes to anyone driving a Reflex vehicle. Telematics products increase the safety of drivers and other road users by providing accurate information that can be analysed to identify trends and bad driving behaviour. Having this real time data helps fleet managers to eliminate any poor driving habits that may be present in their staff.

There can be a knock-on effect from the safety aspects of telematics such as getting rid of the unnecessary maintenance costs that come with repairing defects on vehicles caused by poor driving. Even more so, our Driive with Reflex package complete with smartphone app allows drivers to report defects and complete daily vehicle walk round checks, which helps with the upkeep of vehicle maintenance.

Whilst telematics devices sometimes receive negative reviews, we believe they are implemented to keep people safe rather than check up on drivers. Speeding offences are a prime example of this, where you can easily identify if your drivers have been sticking to the limits or not. Being privy to this information can be extremely handy for dodging fines and points which can incur expensive costs for your business.

Another cost saving implication is improving your fuel efficiency, which in turn will reduce your carbon footprint which makes for a good environmental and corporate social responsibility factor. We know that driving more sensibly can encourage lower fuel consumption, resulting in less expenditure on petrol or diesel for your vehicles. On top of this, if you are utilising hybrid or electric technology, you will still see similar benefits such as an increase in the mileage range.

Andre Pardal, Head of Driive with Reflex says:

“We have seen transformative results as a direct impact of our telematics when customers implement the correct technology and the correct intervention strategies. Having the systems in place is the first part of helping the problem, knowing how to use them correctly and act upon the data is the second and is very important.”


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