Used Car Heroes – Ford Mondeo

Why the Ford Mondeo is a used car hero

Ford has announced an end to production of the Ford Mondeo after three decades, but it remains a great used car buy, according to Reflex Vehicle Sales

The Ford Mondeo, the car that coined a phrase defining a generation of office workers, has reached the end of the road.

Next year will see the end of production after nearly 30 years, during which nearly 5 million were sold.

Since its launch in 1993 and the rise of ‘Mondeo Man’, it has been a regular site on roads throughout the UK, but annual sales have dwindled from nearly 90,000 in its early days to less than 10,000 before the pandemic hit.

It has become the latest victim of the trend towards SUVs (two in every five cars Ford sold in 2020 were SUVs or crossovers) while funds for model development have shifted to focus on new electrified platforms.

Despite its demise, the Ford Mondeo still makes a cracking used car buy, with great build quality, strong reliability, low running costs and exceptional space that still beats most SUVs, especially in the cavernous estate.

It is also great to drive, winning plaudits from none other than Jeremy Clarkson, while its reliability has won praise from breakdown companies.

Its solid design means that, were you to ignore the badge, occupants could easily be persuaded they were in an equivalent German brand, while it has kept its looks through well-designed upgrades over the years.

After years of high sales figures, there is a vast range of engines available on the used car market, covering petrol, diesel and even a recent hybrid. Power options range from 113-207bhp, while equipment levels have increased with each generation, so even base models get dual-zone climate control and Bluetooth. The top-of-the-range Vignale is packed with gadgets that would keep even James Bond happy (he would be familiar with the Mondeo, having driven one in Casino Royale).

Despite this, the lack of a premium badge means used car prices are extremely competitive, while you also get the benefits of an extensive dealer network with low-cost servicing – an annual service at a Ford dealer could cost as little as £169.

From next year, the Ford Mondeo may be gone, but it should not be forgotten by used car buyers, as it offers a great package that means it thoroughly deserves its Used Car Hero status.

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