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New guide helps to keep van drivers safe and legal on the road

A new Van Driver Toolkit has been launched so managers can share essential information about safety standards and rules in a bid to prevent on-road incidents

A new online Van Driver Toolkit has been launched which provides advice and information to help prevent on-road incidents and protect employees from harm.

The free toolkit from Driving for Better Business provides guidance for companies so they can keep vans in good condition and meet legal requirements, while supporting employees to prevent on-road incidents.

Organisers of the initiative say it is a common misconception that there is no legislation governing van drivers and van operations. In fact, there has been an increase in roadside stops for vans and the average fine per offence is nearly £1,000.

Driving for Better Business is a free government-backed National Highways programme, delivered in partnership with RoadSafe, focused on work-related road risk.

Mark Cartwright, Head of the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team at National Highways, said the toolkit aims to support small businesses that have been successful and grown their van fleet organically over time in response to business expansion.

He said:

“They haven’t gone through the same learning processes as a truck operator would do, for example, and probably don't realise the significant financial and reputational risk they are exposed to.

Most of the time it is genuinely a lack of awareness - we see vans being operated by businesses that are very good at managing their health and safety in the primary areas of their business, away from the vehicle, but it doesn't necessarily translate to the vehicle operation.”

The Van Driver Toolkit includes a series of information cards and online modules to help van operators and drivers understand what is required to maintain a safe and legal operation, which in turn will reduce costs and improve operating conditions.

Issues covered in the modules range from safe driving and vehicle maintenance to the risks of overloading and drivers’ hours.

You can access the Van Driver Toolkit here

Reflex Vehicle Hire is a supporter of Driving for Better Business and has pioneered a focus on Safety as Standard across our flexible hire fleet with a series of award-winning services that are designed to prevent on-road incidents and keep drivers from harm. 

Our services include Driive with Reflex, our modular risk management solution.

To discuss your vehicle needs and how to keep vehicles and drivers from harm, contact one of our expert team members.


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