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A long-term partnership built on trust

Clancy has trusted Reflex Vehicle Hire to provide flexible fleet services for a decade, helping underpin its exceptional service for customers in the water and energy sectors

Reflex Vehicle Hire has been a vital component in Clancy’s supply chain for over a decade – providing vehicles to support the specialist contractor’s work in energy and water utilities.

Working across the UK through a direct delivery model, Clancy operates 2,400 vehicles, including 400 cars and 1,200 vans, along with more than 11,000 pieces of equipment ranging from 30 tonne excavators down to drills.

In this fast-moving industry, businesses require equipment that can be depended on to do the job, including vans that are ready to work.

Reflex supplies around 400 vans that offer a flexible buffer for changing levels of demand within the Clancy fleet as customer requirements develop.

Quality and flexibility of vehicles and service has seen Reflex Vehicle Hire become a trusted partner, according to David Janes, Head of Clancy Plant.

“Over a decade of working together, Reflex Vehicle Hire has developed a detailed understanding of our requirements.

We know that it just needs one call and it is done. They understand the business and we have a relationship built on trust.”

This support for the business extends to meeting the bespoke needs of Clancy’s fleet, with vehicles enhanced with thousands of pounds worth of additional equipment for their specific working environment, including generators and compressors.

“As a specialist business we have specific requirements.

Reflex Vehicle Hire has met our needs and more as each side’s understanding of the other has grown.”

As the Coronavirus crisis emerged this year, Reflex Vehicle Hire was able to ensure Clancy’s key workers could continue their essential roles in the water and power sectors. We provided vehicles and staff support throughout the most difficult weeks of the pandemic.

Janes explains:

“We have been very busy throughout lockdown.  People always need water and power and we have had to work, so Reflex has worked with us. Reflex ensured we had the capacity to cope with demand and we have not had an issue. They understand our business and they knew what support we needed.”

As a trusted provider that has proven its long-term commitment to supporting Clancy’s success, Reflex Vehicle Hire recently secured a contract to supply an additional 515 vehicles in a five-year deal.

The long-term agreement reflects the level of trust between the two companies as partners, with vehicle hire playing an important role within Clancy’s fleet – providing an alternative to full ownership while reducing reliance on short-term subcontracting.

Janes says:

“We know that Reflex Vehicle Hire can deliver without a doubt and this latest agreement is a long-term commitment from both of us that shows the value of our working partnership. They stick by their customers and keep their promises.”

Behind all this is the Reflex Vehicle Hire commitment to Safety as Standard, with vehicles provided with our award-winning Driive with Reflex tracking technology or supporting Clancy’s own vehicle management platform.

“Safety is our number one priority – both for drivers and all other road users.

Alongside comprehensive training, we’ve used tracking and dashcams for many years in recognition of the role technology can play to keep everyone safe on the road.”

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