At-work Road Risk

Landmark study reveals risks of driving for work

At-work road collisions cause hundreds of fatalities and tens of thousands of injuries each year, according to a major new study, which highlights the need for effective risk management measures

Fleets have been urged to maximise their road safety efforts after a major new study revealed the scale of death and injuries involving at-work driving.

According to the research, road travel accounts for more at-work deaths than all other workplace accidents put together.

Analysts found that 88 drivers or riders and their passengers died while driving for work in 2018; 432 other road users were killed in collisions where at least one driver was working.

Researchers say that around one-in-three road deaths, one-in-five serious injuries and a quarter of all injuries are sustained in road incidents where at least one vehicle involved is being driven for work.

The study, conducted by UCL and Agilysis, also revealed that 39% of pedestrians killed on the road were hit by a working driver.

Government statistics show that in 2018, 1,784 people were killed on the UK’s roads and 160,597 injured.

The study calls for further investigation into who is driving for work, the type of vehicles used, and how driving for work is changing, for example through the gig economy.

Data revealed in the report, called ‘Driving for work’, reveals the ongoing importance of robust risk management policies within fleets, both for their own vehicles and any cars and vans provided by third parties.

Reflex Vehicle Hire has pioneered a risk management-led approach to vehicle hire which has secured a wealth of industry accolades.

As part of our ‘Safety as Standard’ promise, commercial vehicles are fitted with speed limiters and our fleet is protected by the Driive with Reflex modular risk management service, which provides a wealth of safety support to fleet operators who source vehicles from Reflex Vehicle Hire.

Driive with Reflex offers vehicle tracking, dashcams, and live data monitoring by trained experts, who can brief drivers on issues as soon as they occur, once it is safe to make contact.

The service also includes a wealth of advanced technology including driver training software, tiredness monitoring, tyre pressure sensors, vehicle weight monitors and driver ID systems.

The range of technology was developed during close collaboration with fleet operators, leading to Reflex Vehicle Hire securing the 2020 Fleet News Award for Fleet Supplier of the Year.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director for Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“Companies have a duty of care to protect their drivers and other road users from harm.

Our investment ensures that fleet operators can provide the same high standard of risk management in hire vehicles as they would in their own fleet, which reduces the likelihood of incidents and minimises costs.”

For details on the award-winning safety technology available from Reflex Vehicle Hire, visit our Telematics section, or contact one of our expert team members directly.


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