Clean Van Commitment

Fleets urged to sign Clean Van Commitment

The organisation behind national Clean Air Day, Global Action Plan, is calling on UK fleets to make a public pledge to move to zero emission vans in cities by 2028

Environmental charity Global Action Plan is asking van fleet operators and individual van owners to sign up to the Clean Van Commitment – a public pledge to move to zero emission vans in cities by 2028.

Signatories that have already made the Clean Van Commitment include some of the largest van fleets in the country, such as ENGIE, Tesco, Network Rail and London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Joining the Clean Van Commitment is free and involves providing contact details, the company’s name and the number of vans operated.

Signatories gain access to discussions on the latest electric vehicle technology, infrastructure, and fleet advice, including networking with peers.

Companies also receive a promotional press pack to share their participation with customers, along with a CVC logo to use on websites and stationery.

Global Action Plan launched the initiative because vans account for 30% of nitrogen dioxide emissions from UK road transport, a gas which is blamed for serious health issues in urban areas.

It estimates the cost to the NHS from older van emissions alone is £2.2 billion.

The call to action comes ahead of this year’s Clean Air Day, which is co-ordinated by Global Action Plan and takes place October 8.

The day focuses on improving air quality with simple initiatives, such as car drivers choosing alternative travel or communities creating pedestrianised streets for the day.

For details of the day, visit

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