Commercial vehicle security

Improve security to deter commercial vehicle criminals

Gangs who target commercial vehicles are returning to break into vans a second time after tools have been replaced. Vehicle security experts share how companies and van owners can protect themselves from ‘boomerang bandits’

Callous criminals who steal thousands of pounds worth of tools from commercial vehicles are returning a second time weeks later once items have been replaced, security experts warn.

The so-called ‘boomerang bandits’ are piling on the misery for van operators who suffer the direct expense of sourcing replacements in addition to repairing often extensive damage to their vehicles, adding missed work to the costly toll of the crime.

Following a recent spate of thefts, a police spokesman said:

“We would urge workers to keep their vehicles secure and, if it is possible, to remove your valuable items. We find that after they are stolen, they are sold on very quickly and there is no guarantee that they can be recovered and returned.

For some workers, losing their tools like this means that they often lose their sole form of income, have to cancel jobs they had booked in, and cannot afford to replace them."

Experts at commercial vehicle security specialist Complete Van Accessories say a high security locking system often costs a fraction of the price of tools stolen when vans are targeted by thieves.

Michael Brooks, Owner of CVA, said:

“In one case, a driver lost £1,500 of tools in a single incident, so the investment in improved security is worth it, particularly if you can’t remove all your tools every night, which would be impossible in some circumstances.”

Solutions to combat break-ins include deadlocks and hook locks, along with fittings to prevent ‘peal and steal’ attacks, where doors are prised open.

Brooks added:

“A vault can also be fitted within commercial vehicles so that the most valuable items have extra protection.

Security to prevent successful attacks is cost effective because the police report that after vans are broken into, criminals often return within two weeks to target replacement tools.”

Vehicle security is just one of the services provided by CVA, which is a supplier partner to Reflex Vehicle Hire. Its other services include beacons, towbars and racking.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director for Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“We work closely with our customers to ensure that our vehicles are perfectly suited for their unique needs and that includes ensuring that the most suitable security equipment is available for their use.

Vehicle crime is a costly burden on companies at any time, but particularly during this challenging economic period, so we are keen to support our customers to protect their vehicles and their revenues from harm.”

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