Driver ID

Driver ID service prevents ‘phantom journeys’

Reflex Vehicle Hire technology can ensure that every journey in a shared vehicle is linked to an individual driver to support effective fleet management

In a busy fleet environment, keeping track of which employees are using shared vehicles can be a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

However, the Mystery of the Phantom Fleet Journey can be solved using Driver ID, which provides at-a-glance certainty over who has used each vehicle asset and when.

The system works with a single touch fob, wireless Bluetooth technologies or keycode entry and it provides log-in reminders when starting the vehicle. 

Data can then be analysed to understand usage patterns or identify trends when it comes to risk management issues, such as vehicle damage or poor fuel economy.

Driver ID data can also be integrated into our Flexitrack telematics system to provide granular detail on vehicle use to power fleet strategy and deliver personalised driver performance updates.

Insights can be used to underpin driver incentive schemes and training, to drive cultural change and reward safe behaviour on the road.

Fleets can then offer incentives for teams or individuals who meet safety targets, ranging from simple recognition schemes to extra holiday, vehicle upgrades or vouchers.

Companies can also benefit because Driver ID is a regular reminder to drivers of their personal responsibility for a shared vehicle while it is in their care, instead of it being seen as a tool that is used anonymously, which can encourage risky behaviour.

Enhanced insights into driver behaviour are important so that companies can meet their duty of care to drivers at work.

The Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Driving at work: managing work-related road safety' guide says: “The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require you to manage health and safety effectively. 

“You must carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of your employees, while they are at work, and to other people who may be affected by your organisation’s work activities.”

You can download a copy of the HSE’s driving at work guide here.

Alternatively, speak to a member of the Reflex Vehicle Hire team about Driver ID and our other safety focused services.


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