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Why electric vehicles could improve driver wellbeing

Electric vehicles could improve the mental health of drivers by providing a quieter and lower stress working environment according to new research

A new study into the mental health and wellbeing of drivers claims that electric vehicles could reduce stress because their cabs are much quieter.

The Van Delivery Stress Test, a first of its kind study, compared the impact of cabin noise between electric vehicles and those with internal combustion engines.

Fiat Professional conducted the trial in conjunction with leading expert Dr Duncan Williams.

Focusing on the noisiness of the cabin and its link to stress, drivers’ biometric responses indicated they were less stressed in an electric vehicle cabin.

Drivers produced significantly lower levels of sweat, had a lower heart rate and lower body temperature when compared to a diesel van.

Noise reduction was a key factor as the diesel model was four times louder than the electric van.

Dr Williams said:

“There is a strong correlation between quietness and lower levels of stress. It shows there are potentially more benefits to van drivers going electric beyond things like cost savings on fuel.”

Participants completed a 20-minute route in London in both the new Fiat E-Ducato and the diesel Ducato while wearing a biometric device to measure stress levels.

They also completed a questionnaire after each drive, which revealed that drivers tended to be unaware of their increased stress levels.

Reflex Vehicle Hire is helping to accelerate the roll out of electric vehicles ahead of a proposed government ban on new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030.

Our pioneering Reflex Renewable Drive initiative delivers an on-road EV test experience for fleet managers to guide their plug-in strategy.

We also work closely with mental health organisations to promote driver wellbeing as part of the Welfare of Reflex Drivers programme (WORD).

WORD is focused on helping our clients to talk more openly with their drivers about health and wellbeing.

Our work includes distributing special vehicle packs containing guidance for drivers, while vehicles have stickers that provide details of a telephone helpline and website that drivers can use if they need help and support.

For details on the driver services provided by Reflex Vehicle Hire and to discuss the range of vehicles available on flexible terms contact one of our expert team members.


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