Flexible vehicle hire

Flexible vehicle hire demand set to soar in 2021

Companies will increasingly use flexible vehicle hire as a key part of their strategy to manage the complexities of doing business during 2021

Flexible rental will provide a vital antidote to the unpredictable economy facing businesses during 2021.

Companies are expecting volatile conditions this year as the economy contends with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and its emerging consequences.

With economists struggling to predict what the future holds, businesses are exploiting every opportunity for growth, while protecting themselves from long-term commitments that could cost them dearly during a sudden downturn.

This follows a year when companies had to repeatedly scale down then restart their operations in response to Coronavirus restrictions.

A growing number of companies are turning to flexible hire so their businesses can adapt to the rapidly changing market.

This ensures they avoid long-term commitments, ‘flexing’ their fleet so they can grow when demand requires, but reduce their fleet size if demand slows, so vehicles aren’t standing idle and costs are reduced.

By using flexible hire, companies can also ensure they operate the newest vehicles, giving them an advantage against rivals that are struggling to maintain an aging fleet that is at increased risk of breakdowns; this includes companies that are extending long-term leases to avoid renewing their multi-year commitments.

Businesses are also using flexible hire as a platform to test new technologies, such as electric cars and vans, as vehicles can be added without the risk of a long-term commitment while their suitability is confirmed.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“We are seeing an increasing volume of companies asking for advice on how to protect themselves from long-term vehicle finance risks as economic uncertainty continues.

Companies are under unprecedented pressure to build flexibility into their business models this year to ensure that they can respond rapidly to opportunities without locking in costs for the long-term.

Our award-winning flexible hire services are providing essential support to an increasing number of fleets to help them navigate these changing market conditions during 2021.”

Reflex Vehicle Hire provides nationwide support to companies with a range of award-winning flexible vehicle services.

This is backed by our 'Safety as Standard' commitment, which ensures that drivers and vehicles are better protected on the road through the innovative use of technology, including speed limiters, vehicle tracking and dashcams.

Reflex Vehicle Hire’s commitment to fleet customers has secured more than a dozen industry awards for innovation and service, including the Fleet News Fleet Supplier of the Year 2020 award.

For details on the wealth of vehicles available on flexible terms from Reflex Vehicle Hire, review our Vehicle Selection page or contact one of our expert team members.

To see how Reflex Vehicle Hire has helped a range of customers in every industry, visit our Case Studies page.


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