Green fleets

How Reflex can show the way to a greener fleet

Telematics data delivered by Reflex Vehicle Hire could provide critical insights into fleet operations as companies consider whether to introduce plug-in vehicles

Analysis of commercial vehicle journey patterns has revealed millions of diesel vans could be swapped for hybrid or fully electric alternatives.

Research shows that half of all vans are typically used locally, staying within 15 miles of their base, while 34% travel within a region; only a minority travel nationally.

This suggests that millions of diesel commercial vehicles could be switched to plug-in alternatives without affecting the way a fleet operates.

The findings come ahead of the government’s planned ban on new diesel and petrol-engined vehicles, which it aims to introduce in 2030, with hybrids outlawed from 2035.

Reflex Vehicle Hire provides next generation telematics technology in its commercial vehicles that can provide critical insights to show how vehicles are used, helping managers to assess the potential future role of plug-in vehicles.

In some cases, fleets could already switch most of their vehicles to electric power because they only cover relatively short distances during the day. In other cases, data can help with mapping new routes and areas of operation to suit plug-in technology.

Some major UK fleets have already begun the switch, introducing hundreds of plug-in cars and vans, while initiatives such as the EV100 have secured the backing of global companies that intend to introduce millions of electric vehicles by 2030.

A key factor deterring fleets from making the switch is cost, but flexible rental offers the perfect solution as companies can access the latest electric vehicles at a competitive monthly cost with no deposit or long-term commitment.

Lisa Spong, Reflex Vehicle Hire sales director, said: “The switch to electric vehicles will gain momentum over the next decade, so it is important for fleets to consider how they can start their plug-in journey.

“The wealth of expertise within Reflex Vehicle Hire means we can work in partnership with fleet operators to establish an electric route map that considers a wide range of issues, including current vehicle usage patterns.

“Experts at Reflex Vehicle Hire can also provide valuable advice on key infrastructure, such as charging points, along with maintenance support.”

For details on the wealth of vehicles available on flexible terms from Reflex Vehicle Hire, review our Vehicle Selection page or contact one of our expert team members.