Mind Mental Health pledge signing

Reflex sign Mind's Mental Health pledge

We pledge to change the way we think and act about mental health at work

Charlie Atkins has put herself forward as Reflex Vehicle Hire’s Mental Health Ambassador. Over the previous two months, she has been working hard to create a document with Mind, the mental health charity that will implement some changes to take place at Reflex over a period of time.

We have put together some ideas of what can happen at Reflex in order to implement positive changes around mental health and the stigma that it comes with.

The idea of having Mental Health Champions in the business is that they will receive mental health first aid training to help people out who may find themselves struggling from time to time. At Reflex, we do not want our colleagues to suffer alone in silence, so the Champions are a great place to start with breaking down the barriers surrounding the sensitive topic.

Having Mental Health Champions to help and guide our staff members during difficult times will hopefully encourage people to get talking about their worries and their problems, where they may find some release from what they are going through.

Some of the ideas involve bringing all of our departments together through team building activities so that we can eliminate any alienation between departments and bring everyone together as one big Reflex family. We are all here to help each other and look out for one another and this pledge should spread that message through the business.

Signing the pledge represents the action that Reflex plan to take and what we will do. By other people coming forward and sharing their stories, we hope to encourage people to do the same. We hope to raise awareness and help people speak up about the journey that they have been on and the issues that they may have tackled.

1 in 4 people a year will end up struggling with their mental health – which is a big proportion and could be any one in our company. A lot of people cover up their struggles, but we want to encourage sharing and talking about them.

Lisa Spong, Reflex Vehicle Hire Sales Director signed the pledge on 4th August 2020 with the Mental Health Champions present, showing that “we pledge to change the way we think and act about mental health at work”.

Although the face of van drivers are changing, statistically men make up the higher percentage with around 70% of van drivers being male. This statistic, hand in hand with suicide being the biggest killer in men under 45 is worrying for the likes of us and other van rental companies. This is why we have created our Driive with Reflex Safety as Standard promise that compromises of products and services that offer a high duty of care.

Most importantly, our Flexiprofiler offers a brief understanding of any underlying issues that may need to be addressed with your drivers, so that you can focus on training and support where needed. The system allows drivers to anonymously speak out about any struggles they may be facing, which can enable their fleet manager to act quickly and efficiently in order to halt any risks.


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