Reduction in crashes

Road crashes drop sharply as drivers stay off the road during lockdown

Traffic collisions have dropped by 16% and road deaths are down 14% as drivers stay off the road during lockdown, official government figures reveal

Lockdown has led to a dramatic reduction in crashes and road deaths in the UK, new government figures reveal.

Traffic collisions in the year to June 2020 dropped by 16% and road deaths were down 14% compared to the year before.

Despite the improvement, around 130,000 people were still injured in crashes during the 12-month period, with more than 1,500 killed.

Vulnerable road users remained at higher risk. For example, the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured was down just 4%, compared to a 26% fall for car users.

The decline in UK road deaths and casualties is linked to the reduction in traffic because of national lockdown restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2020, for example, during the first lockdown which started in March, casualties fell by 67% as road traffic reduced by 49%.

Experts warn that as traffic levels increase during 2021, companies need to focus on risk management as the level of on-road incidents is likely to rise.

This concern is reflected in the official figures. After reaching a low during April, deaths and injuries climbed rapidly again in May and June as traffic levels increased.

Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire, said:

“We will continue to work with our fleet customers to reduce on-road risk throughout the pandemic and beyond, particularly as more drivers return to work during 2021.

Through our Safety as Standard commitment we will ensure fleets have access to the latest risk management technology that will keep drivers safe and minimise on-road incidents.”

The full report from the Department for Transport can be found here.

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