Reflex Online Management System

ROMS provides remote control of fleets for home-working managers

Reflex Vehicle Hire is delivering online insights to fleet managers who are working from home to ensure they can effectively oversee their fleet while they are out of the office

One of the biggest challenges facing fleet managers who must work from home is access to fleet data.

The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of online software solutions that ensure data can be accessed by managers wherever they are based.

Reflex Vehicle Hire provides customers with web-based access to fleet insights through the Reflex Online Management System (ROMS).

ROMS is a state-of-the-art online platform that gives clients immediate insights on every detail of their hired fleet.

It delivers real-time data on vehicles and a comprehensive suite of reports, including the latest updates on the number of vehicles on hire.

The system is provided to every Reflex Vehicle Hire customer and delivers instant insights to key questions and queries that might otherwise be made through a call centre.

These include:

•    Number of vehicles on hire
•    Hire costs
•    Vehicles with service due
•    Vehicles off road
•    Vehicle MOT status
•    Penalty Charge Notices

The system can identify key fleet trends, such as an increase in Penalty Charge Notices, which can then be investigated in more detail using ROMS.

During the Coronavirus crisis, there has been an upsurge in demand for fleet software as companies move their data online so it can be accessed by an increasingly remote workforce.

This is particularly important in fleet departments with more than one employee, so that teams can review and share the same data without waiting for emailed updates.

ROMS is easy to use and can be accessed directly from the Reflex Vehicle Hire website once users have received their client login.

The innovative system is just one of several online services available through the new Reflex website.

Website users can also access detailed tracking and vehicle usage reports from the award-winning Driive with Reflex modular risk management service, to provide a truly in-depth understanding of fleet performance on the road.

An online portal is also provided for trade buyers of used Reflex Vehicle Hire cars and vans.

Lisa Spong, Reflex Vehicle Hire Sales Director, said:

“ROMS is a value-added solution for our customers that enables them to obtain key fleet data online wherever they are located.

We have offered this service as standard for many years, but during the pandemic it has come into its own as a vital resource to support home-working managers who still require regular access to up-to-date fleet information.”

ROMS is just one way that Reflex Vehicle Hire is supporting customers through the pandemic with enhanced services and support.

Our programme also extends to supporting charities, with vehicles provided for good causes including delivery of food parcels and regional blood bike initiatives.

To request access to ROMS or discuss the range of enhanced support available from Reflex Vehicle Hire, contact one of our expert customer support team members.

Registered ROMS users can access the vehicle management portal here.