Reflex puts 70-reg fleet on the road

Reflex rolls out 70-reg fleet as new number plate launched

Reflex Vehicle Hire has one of the youngest fleets in the industry and today we rolled out our latest replacement models as the new 70-plate registration number was launched

Reflex Vehicle Hire has continued its investment in having one of the most up-to-date fleets in the country with the introduction of a new 70-plate fleet to replace older vehicles on the day the new number plate is launched.

We constantly invest in new vehicles to ensure our customers get access to the most modern vehicles and the latest technology, meaning we are first on the road when new registration plates are introduced.

Number plates for newly registered vehicles change every spring and autumn, on March 1 and September 1.

Each number plate is divided into three sections, from left to right, with the first two letters indicating the region the vehicle was registered; next, two numbers represent the year of registration and whether it was spring or autumn; and finally there are three random letters.

Throughout the 2020s, the portion of the number plate indicating the year of registration will start with a 2 for spring registrations and 7 for autumn registrations, so autumn 2020 vehicles that are allowed on the road from today have a 70 registration plate; from March 2021, vehicles will have a 21 registration plate and so on.

From 2030, the numbers will change to 3 in spring and 8 in autumn (e.g. spring 2030 will be 30-reg, autumn 2030 will be 80).

Despite the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic, Reflex Vehicle Hire has continued to invest in renewing and updating our fleet with replacements.

At Reflex Vehicle Hire, we are using our buying power to support the UK’s dealer network on the road to recovery.

We purchase thousands of new vehicles each year worth millions of pounds and we are working with a wide network of vehicle dealers to support their businesses.

Among the vehicles joining our fleet today are five replacement Ford Transit Couriers, which offer a 1,620mm load floor length, with plenty of room for cargo, toolboxes or equipment, along with sidewall-mounted tie-downs that keep the load door free from obstructions.

To see the full range of vehicles we offer, including our growing fleet of 70-reg models, just visit our Vehicle Hire section, or if you are a customer click on Book a Vehicle, or chat to one of our expert team about your unique requirements.


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