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Reflex Vehicle Hire keeps fleets on the road as suppliers struggle with SMR demand

Reflex Vehicle Hire is keeping our fleet customers on the road with online service booking and mobile maintenance as companies report they are struggling with a shortage of garage SMR capacity for their own vehicles

Fleet operators are experiencing issues booking service, maintenance and repair (SMR) work or MOTs as the garage network struggles to meet demand after lockdown.

More than 40% of fleets have experienced problems since garages reopened following their forced closure during the national lockdown.

Fleet operators say they are facing long waits before vehicles can be fixed, leading to increased vehicle off-road time and higher associated costs.

One Fleet Manager said:

“It’s a nightmare getting the main dealers to give us a booking any quicker than two to three weeks.

If a warning light comes on, such as for brakes, we end up with a vehicle off the road because we can’t get it seen to.”

Reflex Vehicle Hire is protecting customers from any problems through its award-winning in-house service engineers. They are supported by our mobile servicing fleet, which brings the garage to our customers to keep them on the road.

Our teams can visit customers’ premises, carry out work on vehicles at drivers’ homes, or even visit sites to carry out work during the day.

Our mobile operation covers nearly 700,000 miles each year delivering in-field servicing for our hired vehicles. It has provided essential support to fleets during the lockdown period, protecting them from issues with reduced workshop capacity they would otherwise have faced for their own fleet vehicles.

Even before the pandemic, 71% of van operators in a recent national survey said they found the offer of mobile van servicing attractive.

The potential savings for fleets are significant.

Researchers say demand for mobile servicing has surged in the past year, resulting in much-needed cost reductions worth millions of pounds for UK businesses.

Analysis shows that downtime costs businesses up to £500 per day per van, including ‘hidden’ costs, such as lost working time or spending on replacement vehicles.

Reflex Vehicle Hire services support fleets in several ways. In addition to Reflex vehicles benefiting from dedicated maintenance support from our in-house team of experts, we can also quickly provide cars and vans to replace a company’s owned vehicles if they are off-the-road waiting for service or repair.

Lisa Spong, Reflex Vehicle Hire Sales Director, said:

“With fleets facing ongoing disruption, the flexible services we offer can provide vital support to managers to reduce downtime and business costs.”

Customers of Reflex Vehicle Hire can use our website to arrange a service using the Book A Service link.

Alternatively, to discuss how Reflex Vehicle Hire can help your business, simply contact one of the experts on our fleet support team.

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