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Delivering a flexible fleet with in-built safety

RSS Infrastructure requires flexible support without compromising safety, which is why it turned to Reflex Vehicle Hire as a fleet supplier when transporting employees and goods

RSS Infrastructure is well-known within the industry for being at the forefront of technological innovations as well as for developing bespoke solutions for clients that deliver increased levels of safety and productivity.

To meet the complex needs of its customers, the company has created a comprehensive service catalogue that includes civil and construction solutions and safety critical resources, including track warning systems.

Reflex Vehicle Hire makes the perfect partner for RSS Infrastructure, as both companies are committed to high service levels and industry leading safety standards.

Our hire fleet is also a valued flexible resource for the business, which can expand and contract as market conditions dictate.

For example, as disruption from the Coronavirus crisis took hold, RSS Infrastructure was able to reduce its fleet size before quickly adding vehicles as demand returned.

This flexibility is enabled by Reflex Vehicle Hire’s award-winning customer service team, who earned praise from Johnathon Mcdonough, Fleet Co-ordinator at RSS Infrastructure.

He said:

They are a supplier like no other. 99% of the time they will supply exactly what you need.

Their customer service is outstanding. The team go above and beyond all the time.

In the current climate, it can be hard to get vehicles, but Reflex Vehicle Hire have been able to sort out exactly what we need or find an equivalent to get the job completed.

While services are flexible, the commitment to safety continues unchanged, so RSS benefits from ‘Safety-as-Standard’ risk management services.

Vans are provided with telematics and dashcam technology as part of the Driive with Reflex modular risk management service.

The system helps to protect the business, vehicles, and drivers. It provides information that can power driver education courses, while camera footage and telematics data can defend drivers from inaccurate third-party claims.

Mcdonough said:

On several occasions, because of the systems in the vehicle, we have been able to show that an incident is not the driver’s fault.

Drivers recognise that this is about road safety, particularly the younger ones who are tech savvy and understand the benefits.

The system has also helped to decrease incidences of speeding, as I get a regular report that helps with driver management.

His comments were echoed by Fleet Manager Simon Capper, who said:

I have been in fleet management for a good few years now and the best decision I have ever made was to go with Reflex for our vehicle hires. The tracking system has enabled us to save thousands of pounds.

The fact the vehicles have dash cams, with instant downloads of any incidents, has proven invaluable and has saved us thousands of pounds on bogus insurance claims.

Also, Reflex Vehicle Hire are second to none when it comes to customer service, with every member of their team willing to bend over backwards for me.

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