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How technology reduced incidents at GSG by 17%

Contract distribution specialist GSG values the support of Reflex Vehicle Hire as we share common values of Respect, Trust, Professionalism and Mindfulness

GSG is a contract distribution specialist trusted by national and global brands, as well as the public sector, due to the dedication it places on delivering value through close partnerships with its customers.

Its clients include NHS Trusts, police authorities, national utilities and global brands, with contracts to transport a wealth of goods ranging from flowers to medical samples, including shipments related to COVID-19.

The business has grown over the decade since its launch because it adheres to core principles -  Respect, Trust, Professionalism and Mindfulness - that have built its reputation in the industry. For Managing Director and co-founder Rob Berringer, the same standards must apply when choosing suppliers to support its growth, which led to it choosing Reflex Vehicle Hire as a core provider of flexible rental.

He said:

“We build long-term relationships and offer a very personalised service to clients, so we want to see similar high standards from our suppliers. We found Reflex Vehicle Hire and they have been superb.

They are small enough to care, but big enough to cope. They are straightforward, decent people that are visible in the business and accessible when you need them.

Some rental providers just treat you as a number in a machine, where you are passed around call centres and staff who do not know you. With Reflex, it is a personal relationship that we really value.”

In the event of incidents, he says some other suppliers overvalue their vehicles in a bid to generate short-term gains, whereas Reflex Vehicle Hire focus on a fair decision when it comes to any charges.

“I can just pick up the phone to Reflex and have a discussion and know they will provide real answers quickly. I never want to lose that.”

GSG currently operates around 100 vans from Reflex Vehicle Hire and as well as high levels of customer service, he also benefits from the Driive with Reflex modular risk management system.

He uses telematics and dash camera technology to protect drivers and support training programmes.

The business uses the data from the FlexicamPlus combined tracking and camera system every day and since introducing front-facing camera, incident frequency has dropped 17%.

Rob Berringer said:

“We have remote access to data so we can go through incidents with the driver, which emphasises our commitment to safety, but also increases levels of engagement during discussions.”

The system has also driven valuable initiatives that have enabled small changes in driver behaviour that make a significant difference to safety.

In some cases, data showed repeated harsh acceleration and braking, which was a pattern of behaviour the business found is linked to tailgating.

“Once we identified the issue, tailgating was almost eradicated.”

GSG has seen demand soar during the recent pandemic, as demand for distribution and delivery services from organisations and communities has grown.

While deliveries to consumers range from food to flowers, its commercial work can cover much more sensitive items, such as tests for COVID-19, samples for legionella testing or even firearms.

To provide assurance to its customers, GSG employees have been through sample handling training and the business follows good distribution best practice.

It also adopts a bespoke approach to each client.

“We work very closely and become part of their business, with drivers even wearing uniform and using liveried vans. We don’t sell a standard service; we ask what customers need and develop a service around that.”

This makes Reflex Vehicle Hire a perfect partner, as our service standards reflect this highly personalised approach, where serving clients needs is the priority.


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